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How to kill a brand in a week

Thought Leadership on Branding/Growth Strategies presented by Catalpha Advertising & Design The Super Bowl has become a great opportunity to see brands testing new and daring messages. Do you remember when Doritos challenged their fans to produce a commercial for Doritos to run during the Super Bowl? It was a great campaign that engaged brand-loyal fans and provided valuable insight about ...

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Corporate culture shock: reinventing your brand

Thought Leadership on Talent and H.R. presented by Speed Raceway. Any world traveler can tell you that stepping off a plane in another country can sometimes feel like walking into a new, bizarre and unfamiliar world. The language, food, rituals and customs all differ from what we are accustomed to. In these instances, different doesn’t necessarily equate to either good or ...

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The true test of a brand: The ability to grow

Thought Leadership on Lending presented by Gibraltar Business Capital. As we approach the close of Q1 2016, many companies are actively working towards their business goals for the new year. Expectations are often high in the first quarter, tempered against lessons learned over the past year, as well as current economic and market realities. At Gibraltar we are no different. We ...

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5 ways to pull your executives from behind the desk and put them into your marketplace

Brand id Strategic Partners image for SmartCEO

Thought Leadership on Leveraging Your Executives to Increase Company Visibility presented by Brand id | Strategic Partners. You can have the deepest bench in the industry, but if you aren’t strategically leveraging the skills, talents and insights of your top executives to elevate your visibility within the marketplace, you are missing a huge opportunity. Here are five ways to leverage your team: Speaking ...

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Why you need to know what kinds of customers are loyal to your brand

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Thought Leadership on Branding/Growth Strategies presented by Catalpha Advertising & Design. If you are a retailer, you see customers who walk into your store every day and you interact with them, but that interaction doesn’t provide a full demographic profile of customers. Service businesses and B2B companies can have an overview of customer trends by evaluating their sales. But truly understanding ...

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Does your brand match your culture?

RMR Associates culture and brand image for SmartCEO

Thought Leadership on Integrated Marketing Communications presented by RMR Associates. There has been a lot of talk recently about a company’s brand. What’s your brand? And what if you want to change your brand? How do you go about doing that? Before you can change your company’s brand or culture, you have to know what it is. To change your ...

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