These hiring trends will dominate the talent pool this year

Thought Leadership on Flexible Staffing presented by Symphony Placements

Trends influence the ways we find, recruit and retain employees, and they change almost on a yearly basis. After all, that’s why they’re called trends. Successful companies should keep an eye on these trends to ensure they’re hiring and retaining the very best talent in their industry. Here are some of the most popular hiring trends this year.

Generation Z for internships

Many companies are focused on hiring Millennials for fresh talent. Millennials are soon to overtake Baby Boomers in numbers. While they make a great addition to any mid-career level team, many companies are looking to Generation Z (born between 1994 and 2010) for internships. Some companies are recruiting high school students for internships. While Millennials have witnessed the emergence and evolution of technology, Generation Z kids have essentially grown up with an iPhone in their hands.

Honesty is becoming increasingly important

Transparency is becoming extremely important to the American workforce. People have worked too long for companies shrouded in mystery and shady practices. A recent Forbes study found that 52% of Generation Y and X candidates think honesty is the most important leadership quality.

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