Millennials will become the largest hiring pool in history: Is your company ready?

Thought Leadership on Flexible Staffing presented by Symphony Placements

The Baby Boomer generation is in the process of retiring. They were the largest generation so far to dominate the hiring pool; but recent research shows that Millennials, who are about to hit the mid-career level, have taken over the ranks as the largest hiring pool in history. This is great news for companies looking to hire fresh talent. But companies are going to have to take a different approach when hiring Millennials, as their wants and needs are quite different from their predecessors.

Millennials are willing to move and explore

The job market is finally in an upturn, and employees aren’t afraid to move around anymore. In fact, freedom is a driving factor in many Millennials’ lives. Employers will be able to conduct broader searches to tap into the talent pool anywhere in the United States. Candidates are getting more creative when it comes to networking, so finding good candidates will mean enabling all your search tools, such as recruiting websites and social media. Symphony Placements can help you find employees near and far.

Employers will become more proactive

Just because the hiring pool is expanding, doesn’t mean employers will have it easier. Most companies are firing on all pistons, using as many recruiting techniques as they can. Millennials find out about jobs in different ways now, so just posting an ad on Craigslist is not enough. Symphony Placements knows how to find tech-savvy Millennials and offer them career options they want.

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