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Flexible staffing makes ‘cents’

Thought Leadership on Flexible Staffing presented by Symphony Placements

It’s 7:30 A.M. and you have received a call from your front desk employee, who has strep throat. Your clerical support person and backup for the front desk is eight months pregnant, and may deliver her baby at any time. You are holding your breath until she walks in the door. Your office manager has scheduled several interviews, you are facing a deadline for reports to be sent to the corporate office. Members from the corporate office have sent a auditing group and they are arriving today. What do you do? Who is going to answer your phones and direct all of the visitors?

This scenario is a problem faced by small and large business each day in every city across the United States. There simply are too many things to do and too many bases to cover and not enough staff to assist to get everything done. Even as our economy has shown improvement, employers are very cautious to get caught with heavy payroll and costs. Are we going to stay this busy, is this just a ripple, do I start hiring , or do I stay trim and lean; so lean in fact that most offices do not have back-up employees to fill in when a position is vacant due to any type of absenteeism of life event.

Temporary staffing offers a solution

What’s the solution? Savvy business owners and decision makes in all sizes and all types of business have learned they can call a temporary staffing agency specializing in flexible staffing for all types of industries. Whether you need a front desk employee, administrative assistant, accounts payable clerk, a secretary for the sales office or an interim Human Resources professional, staffing agencies like Symphony Placements is your answer. Our recruiters will send an experienced person with background cleared and appropriate skill set experience to your office within a few hours.

Be proactive not reactive. We suggest clients identify a temporary staffing firm, learn about their services and put their number on speed dial and email at their fingertips! Having an advance relationship with a qualified company allows you to get prompt reliable response to your urgent need for the right person to fill any given position.

Temporary staffing facts

 Flexible staffing companies have over 3 million individuals supporting all types of business throughout the U.S. every day. Virtually every occupation has a place in today’s staffing workforce. From C Suite to Human Resource Professionals, Accounting, Administrative, Clerical, Computer Technology, Legal, Healthcare employees we can fill your needs.

Individuals choose to become temporary staffers to give them flexibility to manage their home life and schedules. Steadily the demand for individuals in the workforce who prefer flexible staffing is growing each year.   It is also true, many individuals use temporary assignments as a method of finding a new career by way of temporary to a permanent position.

Most employers have begun to realize how cost effective it is to staff their facilities with temporary staff. A staffing company will charge you a flat rate per hour, and the client only pays for the hours worked, not for sick days, holidays or lunch times. With temporary staff, employers also do not have to worry about paying for other benefits, such as workers’ compensation, insurance, federal and state unemployment, Medicare, Social Security, or health insurance. For example, if a permanent employee makes $14 an hour, employers typically incur an hourly cost of $17.95 or more, depending on the benefits they offer.

Some CEO’s in very small companies have chosen not to hire any permanent employees; instead, they use a temporary staffing company to staff their offices on an ongoing basis. They no longer worry about all the constantly changing costs of worker’s comp insurance, general liability insurance, health insurance and employee benefits.

Many companies today rely on a flexible staffing company to help them pare down their costs. Another benefit is to expedite the search for specific skill sets for their personnel. The staffing company understands the requirement, they pull from a vetted database or employ costs and methods to find the individuals who are interested in working a temporary to permanent position with skills required for the position. For example, Symphony Placements customizes packages and presents them to the client in a neat little package. We make it easy. The client can interview, they hire and the applicant starts working a temporary to direct hire position to see if this company culture is a good fit. Today more than ever, people are looking for the life work balance and many of our clients are open to innovative ideas with hiring practices. The client does not compose the ad, screen resumes, do criminal background checks, reference checks, skill assessments, they simply tell the staffing company what they need and the staffing firm delivers!Today more than ever, temporary-to-direct-hire is an excellent vehicle for employers to find the perfect fit for a new team member.

Today more than ever, temporary-to-direct-hire is an excellent vehicle for employers to find the perfect fit for a new team member. Hiring a temporary worker allows you to try out that person before hiring them permanently. This trial period enables the client to gauge skills, attitude, punctuality, attendance and whether they are a good fit for the culture of the office.

The next time you need to replace staff, consider reaching out to a qualified staffing company. Allow them to send you a capable, experienced candidate who has had a background check, has been drug tested and has had a skills evaluation.

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Wanda Smith is President/CEO/Founder of Symphony Placements, a flexible staffing and human resource solutions company. She can be reached at