Sylvia S. Ehrlich

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Location: New York, NY
Founded: 1996
Industry: Consulting services

Sylvia S. Ehrlich

Intrepid Relocation

Sylvia S. Ehrlich, president of Intrepid Relocation, and her family have relocated many times. As a result, she understands the difficulty of uprooting and moving to a new city. “I felt that there was a need for relocating families to have a service that would be working for them and guiding them; not just a real estate home-finding aspect, but all of the other pieces,” she says. Beyond just the initial home search, Intrepid helps clients figure out medical resources, decide on the right school system for their children and even plan their commutes.

Fun Fact: “Our team is very nurturing, caring, wants to be of help and has done things that are exemplary.”

Ehrlich works on a flat-fee rather than per-diem basis, and remains available as a resource for clients through their first year in a new location. “We’re not looking to build on days. We’re looking to be as efficient as possible, but to be available when and as needed,” says Ehrlich. Case in point: When one client called about a sick spouse at 11 p.m., their Intrepid consultant pointed them in the direction of the emergency room, and met them there to help with the process.

In addition to helping clients navigate complex moves, Ehrlich sits on the board for The Children’s Dream Foundation, which provides funding and training for the healthcare, safety and emergency needs of children. Last year, the organization gave away 250 bicycle helmets and provided training equipment to first responders.