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10 tips: A beginner's guide to social media

Thought Leadership on Innovative Tech presented by SWK Technologies. Around the SWK offices, and in a few networking and business groups I meet with regularly, I've become a sort of social media "go-to" guy. I am not really sure how this happened, but I embrace the role enthusiastically. And, I’ve found that it has helped tremendously as I’ve built my business. If you’ve dismissed social media in the past,
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3 top CEO challenges and how to overcome them

Thought Leadership on Innovative Tech presented by SWK Technologies. Being a CEO is rewarding. You enjoy many opportunities, like making a positive impact on the world, making employees’ and customers’ lives better and solving intriguing puzzles every day. But, the job also has its challenges. CEOs have to make tough decisions, and though savvy leaders surround themselves with a supportive and honest team to help, they
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Why companies should focus on relationships, above all else

Thought Leadership on Innovative Tech presented by SWK Technologies. I recently had the privilege of gathering almost every employee at SWK Technologies together for a fun and productive two-day staff event, which included our annual meeting. As I looked around at everyone in the room on the first day, I watched them laugh, chat, share recipes, comment on recent sports games, and enter into budding relationships.
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Roth headshotABOUT JEFFREY D. ROTH: Though he started as a practicing CPA in New York City, Jeffrey D. Roth decided that auditing other businesses wasn’t his true calling. A born adventurer who appreciates a good challenge, Jeffrey leapt right into building successful companies in textile manufacturing and Broadway production management before he finally found his home as the CEO of SWK Technologies, Inc., a software developer and reseller headquartered in Livingston, NJ. “Every day is an adventure in the tech world,” he says. When he began, SWK Technologies was a twelve-person company struggling to compete in a crowded industry. By fostering a company culture that rewards innovation and entrepreneurial spirit, Jeffrey has transformed SWK into one of the top North American companies, not only in software reselling, but also in supply-chain management EDI software (MAPADOC) and computer network services.


Targeting Your Superconsumers podcast

ERP, The Next Generation: The Final Frontier?

Turning your business into a Starship Enterprise

Let’s go out on a limb here and draw some parallels between Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and this entertainment phenomenon that began in 1966.

Impact of data effectiveness

Do companies with more user-friendly and accessible enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems enjoy more positive business outcomes? Are they more profitable? Do highly effective ERP systems help create a sharper upswing of revenue growth? How much difference does effective data really make to business success?

To answer these questions, Sage commissioned IDG Research Services to conduct a study of medium-sized businesses in North America and Europe to explore the business implications (in US dollars) of improving data access and usability, and better understand the associations between the overall effectiveness of the ERP infrastructure and business profitability, revenue, projected growth, and so on.

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