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Location: New York, NY
Founded: 2013
Industry: Technology

Susan Danziger
Founder and CEO


Ziggeo developed an asynchronous video technology that fully integrates into any website or platform. But that’s not the whole story. Suan Danziger, founder and CEO, says the video technology was originally created as a recruiting platform. “I wanted to give people a chance to shine regardless of where they went to school or what’s on their resumes. Video gave them a voice and revealed their passions in a way a cover letter simply couldn’t convey,” she says. Because of Ziggeo, candidates that never would have been considered are hired for their “spark,” Danziger adds.

Quick Tip: “Without women participating as leaders, and innovating, the world loses out.”

In the technology space, Danziger often noticed that she was the lone woman in meetings and conferences. “I realized that it’s my responsibility to help groom the next generation of women in technology, and women entrepreneurs,” she says. To that end, Danziger devotes many hours to mentoring, and hopes to create an atmosphere that supports women in technology.

Danziger’s work to improve the status of women in technology and business goes even further. She founded the Women’s Entrepreneur Network, as well as a monthly salon series that brings women from various industries together to collaborate, network and support each other. Additionally, Danziger says, “I saw how few women are learning about technology, so I decided to do something about it.” She founded and organizes computer boot camps to teach and inspire women to take on roles in technology.