Superior Metal and Woodwork

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John Cipri
Family Business Honoree

Location: Farmingdale, NY
Founded: 2010
Industry: Manufacturing
Generations: 1


Superior Metal and Woodwork

John Cipri

FOUNDING PRINCIPLES: Superior Metal and Woodwork was founded in 2010 by four family members. President John Cipri says the company’s core values, including a strong work ethic and commitment to quality and service, are rooted in the traditions of the family’s Italian and Colombian backgrounds. In addition to these values, Cipri says the company focuses on integrity, authenticity, communication, passion and humor, among other things.

Fun Fact: “We travel to New Orleans every March to celebrate the feast of Saint Joseph. … This year, Superior designed and manufactured a float resembling an ancient chariot.”

ONBOARDING FAMILY: Even as first-generation business owners, the Cipri family is already setting up the next generation for success in the business. In addition to passing down values like a strong work ethic and an appreciation for listening well, Cipri says the family has taken care to inform the next generation of the wide possibilities available at Superior. Should any members of that generation decide to join the company, Cipri says they will be required to work elsewhere for five years first.

CULTURAL VALUES: “In our working environment, business is personal, boundaries are blurred and roles are not so rigid,” says Cipri. “We find that the lack of formality is positive and refreshing.” Employees are treated like family, he says, and the company takes great pride in recognizing the achievements of others.

LASTING LEGACY: “At this developmental stage of the business, we are building the foundation upon which Superior, the family and future generations will stand,” says Cipri. He says this foundation will serve as a roadmap for what’s next. “Having a strong vision of Superior’s future will keep us grounded in our core values and ultimately create our legacy,” Cipri adds.