Sukh Grewal

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Location: New York, NY
Founded: 1935
Industry: Events/flowers

Sukh Grewal
Style Director and Co-Owner

Shields Flowers & Events

Sukh Grewal grew up in the flower industry, and would take every opportunity to spend time at the company her father owns, Shields Flowers & Events, including spending her summers working for the company. Today, she is the style director and co-owner there, and has worked to revitalize the team and culture of the company. When she joined full-time, Grewal says, she used her background in human resources and psychology to point Shields in the right direction.

Fun Fact: Shields donates flowers for large nonprofit events.

In addition to building relationships with Shields’ clientele and improving customer service, Grewal says her job is to keep employees happy. She implemented new system guidelines, hired several new employees and created an easier process for placing orders. The result, she says, has been a drastic change from the high-stress, low-energy environment she once saw. Grewal not only revived holiday parties, but is also working on creating a summer picnic at the company’s flower farm in New Jersey.

Though Grewal says the workplace father-daughter dynamic was initially challenging, the pair have worked out the kinks. At work, Grewal thinks of her father as her boss rather than a parent, and communication has been a top priority. “We can now separate work time from family time. We set … father-daughter time and communicate at work so much better because of that,” she says.