Strategy and Management Services, Inc. (SAMS)


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Since 2008, Strategy and Management Services, Inc. (SAMS) has provided business and facilities operations management services to its customers across the federal government, as well as other industry partners. “The company was founded to build a legacy,” says president and CEO Staci Redmon. “We didn’t want it to be this kind of ‘win a contract, get a badge.’ We wanted to build a legacy so that we develop people and have folks around that become part of our family and help us build out the company for many years to come.”

With about 110 employees across the nation, SAMS has a mission to exceed expectations by employing people who go above and beyond. In addition to building a strong team, one of the important practices SAMS adopted was a dedication to eliminating overhead. The company is able to minimize its overhead costs by trading services, sharing the cost of goods and forming strategic partnerships. As a result of eliminating these expenditures, SAMS strengthened its value and found a way to avoid passing unnecessary overhead costs to its customers.

Simply put, SAMS is committed to its people; it is committed to its clients and it is committed to its community. “If we do those things right, then we’ve got it right, and that’s what we’re focused on and that’s what makes us special and unique,” says Redmon. “We believe in making sure that we’re not just taking care of our employees and their families, but we’re serving the communities in which we live and making a contribution. There is a social piece of our business that we’re very committed to, and that starts with volunteerism and making sure that our employees are giving back.”

After many years of exponential growth, Redmon decided to take this year to get focused on its next major milestone. “It was a deliberate look at where we are and where we wanted to go,” she says. Now that SAMS has hit a steady growth pattern and has refocused on its next steps, Redmon says the key is to keep communication strong within the company. “If people don’t know where you’re headed, they can’t follow you. So you have to communicate that.”

With 2016 almost in the books, Redmon and SAMS will focus on their vision for 2020. That vision includes extending the company’s reach outside of the federal government and into the local and state markets, as well as commercial markets. “In 2020, our markets will be diversified and this will be our customer base,” says Redmon. “It will be federal and it will be non-federal. We intend to diversify that portfolio by a 60-40 split.”

As for growth, Redmon is preparing for it as much as when she first started the company. “That begins with making sure the infrastructure is there,” she says. “For example, I didn’t pursue contracts until I had a banking relationship, until I knew how I was going to pay employees — how I was going to take care of them and their families. It was the same thing in the growth mode. How are we going to get to the next level?”

One of Redmon’s plans for the future is to bring in a human capital manager to help SAMS employees hone their career paths in a more defined way. “How do we take that employee that is at this phase in their career and in their professional development and their personal development and … figure out what it is that they want to be, and what they want to achieve in their life? How do we set the path for them?” says Redmon. Programs like this have the potential to create the next class of SAMS leaders.

As a leader herself, Redmon finds it particularly satisfying to see other leaders flourish. And, in her eyes, the best way to do that is to give them the freedom and responsibility to act. “Once any leader lays out that execution plan, it’s up to your next level of leadership to determine how they’re going to execute it,” she says. “I’m not a micromanager and I’m not going to tell them how to do their job because then that doesn’t give them an opportunity to lead, and I want them to lead. Every day as I watch them grow and I watch them move towards executing that strategic plan and towards our goals, that just makes me proud.”

Photo: Staci Redmon, President and CEO