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Location: New York, NY
Founded: 2011
Industry: Social media, influencer marketing and marketing services

Stephanie Abrams Cartin

Socialfly LLC

“We are a young, hip and vibrant company with a lot of fresh and creative ideas,” says Socialfly LLC CEO Stephanie Abrams Cartin. Cartin and her partner founded the social-media marketing company to fill the need for social media agencies, but today, the marketplace is flooded with competitors. Still, the company has been able to create a name for itself through its social media chops and its strong team. “We all spent our formative years living on social media. It is a big part of our personal lives and not only do we live and breathe it, we love doing so,” says Cartin.

Quick Tip: “All you can do is your best each and every day.”

Just as Socialfly was getting started, and Cartin was embracing her entrepreneurial duties, she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Though the diagnosis came as a shocking and frightening revelation at one of the worst possible times, Cartin learned to navigate the challenges, and has persevered. “I have since dedicated a great deal of time over the past few years to raising money for the MS Society and Tisch MS Research Center, and found a way to allow our company to help partner in these fundraising efforts, and help give back,” Cartin says.

Through mentorship, Cartin and Socialfly are able to give back even more. Cartin says developing Socialfly’s talent has been very important to the company, and she recently published her first book Like, Love, Follow. The book is designed to empower and educate young female entrepreneurs.