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3 new targeting options that will grow your bottom line in 2016

Thought Leadership on Mobile Marketing presented by Spokes Marketing

We have outlined three key targeted growth strategies that can help you grow your bottom line in 2016, including custom audiences, programmatic buying and email marketing (yes, email marketing).

1. Custom audiences

You may or may not have heard of this, but it’s big and getting bigger. Provide us with a list of your current customers (think email addresses) and we can create targeted ads to people who are similar to your customers. Why is this helpful? Because in all likelihood, people who are similar to your current customers will become your next customers.

We can do this on many platforms, but two that are already maximizing this form of targeting are Facebook and Google. Facebook can target people just like your current clients. Google can deliver banner ads across the internet to custom audiences that will increase your business.

2. Programmatic buying

Dish Network recently announced that you will soon be able to target based on audience type rather than by channel for commercials across its system. This means you will be able to target, for example, men between 34 and 54 who are married with two kids and actually get them rather than think you are getting them on Spike TV or the GOLF Channel. Dish knows its customers and will be able to create an automated marketplace for every single ad placed across its network. So sometime in the not-so-distant future, you will be able to target who you really want to reach in traditional media.

3. E-mail marketing

Another hyper-targeting mechanism is coming to an old, stodgy, reliable tool: email. We can now target an audience of people pre-screened for any number of demographics, including geography (by ZIP code and radius), home ownership, financial stress or solidity, occupation, presence or absence of children and hobbies. You can reach your specific target with your message at around $.04/person. What more could you ask for?

Take advantage of new advertising opportunities that are based on data. It’s a great way to more precisely target your customers. If you need help planning a growth strategy for 2016, now is the time to act. Feel free to contact us for more information or to help you with this targeting. You’ll grow your business if you can target and nurture new customers!

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