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Marketing your way to success: How to keep your business afloat in summer

Thought Leadership on Web Development presented by Socialfix Media.

The summer months can take a toll on any business. The key to staying in front of your audience’s minds is putting effort into your marketing strategies. Hold on to your target group by petitioning your loyal customers and offering deals to appeal to new customers. The summer lacks an abundance of holidays, so offering a deal or showcasing an event can be attractive to customers. The opportunities are there to keep your company going strong.

Can you offer some kind of sample of your product? Get your customers’ attention while also enticing them to be involved with your company. Social media is a great tool to accomplish this task. Use your different channels to target customers who are involved with your services. This will keep them from straying to a competitor. You may also draw in some customers looking for a change of vendor while you’re at it.

Speaking of change, you can also use the summer to reinvent yourself. Not sure where to start? Reach out to your audience and ask for feedback. Now that your market is slower and you may not have a full sales campaign in place, find out what works. Your customers will be willing to leave honest feedback, especially if you lure them in with exclusive deals or products for participating. This information is valuable and can be used to improve upon yourself in ways that may not be viable at peak times.

Now that you have feedback from your customers, take the time to make the changes that can make your mark. During the hectic times of the year, re-evaluating your Facebook posts or company logo may seem trivial. By revamping your marketing strategies, you are setting yourself up for success and can try out new or risky ideas before the prime season starts up again. Don’t set yourself up for failure, but a new venture can be just what your company needs.

The summer is also a great time to host outdoor happenings.  This provides an opportunity to sponsor a charitable event or business-related gathering, or just a chance to show off your services. Offering an enjoyable time while simultaneously promoting your company is an excellent way to receive positive attention. It also provides an excuse to boost your digital marketing and social media campaign. Capturing the experience through photos and video gives you content to use throughout the year as you promote your business.

In short, selling yourself is your best shot at thriving throughout the summer months. Keep on top of your market and be sure you keep your name out there. Try out new ideas you may have never thought of before. Take the opportunities that surround you and involve yourself. Keep active, keep focused, and use the marketing strategies at your disposal to keep you successful all year long.

At Socialfix Media, our core DNA is rooted in an entrepreneurial-based approach to strategy, growth, technology and marketing. This allows us to relate to business challenges from an entrepreneur’s perspective when defining a client’s branding, strategy, web presence, social media, search optimization and video production. We work to discover and innovate new ideas within the field of digital media. We are entrepreneurs, innovators and creators, and these strategies are part of our business plan in our goal to provide successful and current content.

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