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5 social media marketing trends every CEO should know about for 2017

As the social media realm expands with new trends, new platforms and new rules, it has become very challenging to understand which platforms to use primarily, and even more frustrating to manage them all. However, to maintain a competitive advantage, companies must be attentive to the latest changes, updates and trends.
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When keeping it real goes right: How to create a genuine, distinctive brand presence on social media

Although it may appear that false and sensationalized information garners interest, it doesn’t embody the elements of honesty and integrity that you need to establish genuine engagement with the audience.
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Breaking bad: Purging harmful social media marketing habits

Social media is a breeding ground for poor marketing because of its dynamic and sometimes unstable environment. Rules are rarely well defined and they’re often subject to change, making it very challenging for users to determine what habits may or may not be appropriate.
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Worth its weight in gold: How to determine marketing ROI for social media

The true ROI of social media will lie in the amount of tangible leads that are generated. Companies that use social media to attract and cultivate leads are more likely to have an accurate understanding of how their investment translates into returns.
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Want more engaged employees? Try Snapchat

Snapchat is a great example of a social media platform that companies can use to facilitate an internal connection with employees. It’s quick and easy to use, which means it’s not intimidating for new users and it doesn’t consume a lot of employees’ time.
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Internal influencers: Getting employees to magnify your company’s reach on social media

Having internal influencers provides a more personal outreach that can appear more genuine and authentic because your employees are familiar and trusted in their respective social networks. So how do you get your employees to magnify your reach?
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Your brand, live on-air: How to use Periscope to gain exposure

Live streaming is the latest trend taking over on social media. That’s why Periscope, Twitter’s live broadcasting app, has rapidly become one of the leading popular platforms to use. So how can you use it to stand out?
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How to target your social marketing, from the silent generation to Gen Z

You want to target all your potential customers on social media in one fell swoop. That’s understandable. However, the reality is that different messages and images resonate with different audiences, so choosing the right platform for each demographic is critical to successful marketing.
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More platforms, more problems: How to simplify your social media marketing

How many social media networks do you belong to? Two? Four? More? Do you even know why? The truth is, the more social media platforms you join, the more complex it becomes to understand and manage them all with consistency.
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