3 ways to safeguard your business against data breaches, unexpected downtime and more

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SMB organizations today face a constantly evolving set of potential threats, from data security breaches to downtime from unexpected events. Business owners and decision makers are asking questions like:

  • With our growing dependence on the cloud, how do we keep our data protected?
  • As my data grows, how can I make sure it’s being backed up in a cost-effective manner?
  • If an unexpected event occurs, like a fire or flood, how long would it take to get our business back up and running? What would downtime cost our business?
  • How do we keep up with the ever-changing technology landscape?

It’s important to get modern protections for evolving threats that help protect your business data and minimize disruptions caused by unexpected events. Using solutions built on a Microsoft platform, let’s examine three ways to address the concerns above while safeguarding your business.

Loss or theft of laptop or mobile device

One of the biggest business challenges for SMBs is how to handle the business risks associated with the potential exposure of sensitive data in the event a device is lost, stolen or compromised.

By leveraging Microsoft solutions, SMB organizations can benefit from enterprise-class technologies to safeguard their data.

Microsoft has included some pretty cool functionality in Windows 10, including built-in data encryption (through the use of facial and fingerprint recognition) that helps protect data accessed and stored on laptops and mobile workstations. This means that the user – and the user alone – can lock and unlock the device.

Microsoft Intune provides mobile device management, mobile application management and PC management capabilities from the cloud. Through Intune, organizations can provide their employees with access to corporate applications, data and resources from virtually anywhere, on almost any device, while helping to keep corporate information secure. Intune is incredibly helpful in that it can provide MDM across company-owned and employee-owned devices effortlessly. Manage company data and applications while leaving personal items untouched. Additionally, Intune can provide remote wipe of confidential data for devices that are lost, stolen or compromised.

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