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Filling a key role in your company

Thought Leadership on Executive Recruiting by Search Consultants.

“Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.” –Andrew Carnegie

The team you build within your company is an essential component in the success of your business. When you lose a team member, you are left with a hole in your company. Your first instinct is to find someone quickly to fill that void, but there are certain steps a company should take when filling a key role in the company.

Plan for your company                    

Before you begin the search for your new employee, you must first have a plan. However, this plan isn’t for finding the new employee, but how your company is going to grow. If you lack a plan for your company, how are you able to understand what kind of employee you need for the key role? Create a plan that shows the direction you want to take your company in and the short and long term goals you hope to meet.

Analyze the position

The planning step should then lead into the analyze step of the process. Analyzing the role that needs to be filled is crucial when hoping to find an individual to fill the position. You must determine the strengths the position brings to the job along with the potential weaknesses it holds. Knowing these strengths and weaknesses can help you to create the most accurate job description that will attract the best candidates for the roll.

Recruit search consultants

Instead of rushing through the rest of the hiring process, turn to a recruitment agency. A recruitment agency has the time, commitment, and staff necessary to find the most suitable candidates for your key role. A recruitment agency will take the time to carefully read through incoming resumes and cover letters to narrow down the pool of potential hires. They will then conduct several interviews to determine if the candidate is a fit for your company and the key role.

Hire your new employee

Once the recruitment agency has done its part in the hiring process, the final step falls to the hiring manager or superior of your company. Conduct your own interview to meet the potential hires and take the recommendations of the recruitment agency into consideration before you offer the position to a candidate.

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