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Scully Company: Working on the next generation of apartment living

By Vincent Dajani

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The last time SmartCEO spoke with Jessica Scully, president of Scully Company, she was planning some major “future-proofing” for her business. But what does that mean for a 62-year-old apartment management firm? For Scully, it means innovation and dedication to her customers.

Jessica Scully

Jessica Scully

Those customers’ way of life has changed drastically over the past few years, she says. Apartment living now focuses on convenience and having everything customers need at their fingertips. “Looking at the live, work, play in one area,” Scully says. “Making apartment living carefree and luxury.”

From the little things, like updated kitchens and bathroom finishes, to the dog parks and wellness centers, Scully has got it all figured out. “Adaptability has been one of the things that we do best,” she says. “My challenge has been to balance the change and be able to get ahead of the curve.”

“We have to be very disciplined and make sure we’re spending our time with the right opportunities. At the end of the day, we provide places that people are proud to call home. It’s about the resident experience,” Scully says. She’s seen a very pet-centric way of living emerge and has built additional dog parks, even dog wash stations. Zipcars are located at some of the communities.

Scully Company is also at the cutting edge of technology. “We’re starting to roll out programs with smart locks and programmable thermostats,” Scully says. “Your iPhone can unlock your door and you can change the temperature of your home before you leave work.” There’s even a scanner that can unlock your door using a temporary code generated by your phone. That way, “you can send a code to a friend who needs to get into an apartment, and then in 24 hours, the code resets itself,” she says. “It’s all about convenience and using technology to solve problems.”

Scully’s secret for continued success: steady, sustainable growth. “By continuous improvement, we’ve grown the business,” Scully says. “Our checklist is: value creation, competitive advantage, continuous improvement, innovative thinking, commitment to our residents, strategy, all that stuff.” Enough “stuff” to ensure that her customers are happy and proud to be living in a Scully Company apartment.

“Who’s your apartment manager?” Scully asked during SmartCEO’s interview. “If it was Scully Company, you’d know it.”