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When it comes to selling, do you have an image gap?

Thought Leadership on Creating a High Performing Sales Culture presented by Sandler Training Chartwell Seventeen Advisory Group.

Have you ever heard of a concept called the image gap? Everybody has some degree of image gap. The image gap is simply the gap between where you think you are, and where you really are. For a few people, it’s wide. Those are the people who talk a good game, but somehow don’t really deliver. You might say they’re not truly grounded in reality. In other people, the image gap is pretty narrow; they know what they can do, they set out to do it and then they achieve it — most of the time. What are we talking about here?

Guts. Guts in sales:

How wide is your image gap when it comes to your guts? Can you plant your feet and justify your product value, or is your first line of negotiation to lower your price? There are five levels of the Selling Relationship — vendor, solution provider, consultant, partner and advisor. Which one are you?

Using a selling system:

Do you use a system that works or do you wing it? Doing what comes naturally, using your people skills and being a nice person are all commendable, but do they differentiate you from the competition? Do you look like you need the sale, rather than want the sale? Does your system make you look like a businessperson in sales, or a salesperson in business?

Knowing yourself:

The image gap is about knowing who you are in all of your roles. In the high-rejection business of selling, I believe more than any other factor, it’s a salesperson’s “head trash” that kills effectiveness. Attitude and behavior must also accompany technique.

Part of being able to work on and correct your “baggage,” is to recognize that you have it — and that’s why it’s important for you to really know your own image gap. We refer to this as the conceptual side of training — you working on your attitude and behaviors.

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