Riviera Caterers

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Andrew Cavitolo
Family Business Honoree

Location: New York, NY
Founded: 1895
Industry: Caterers
Generations: 4


Riviera Caterers

Andrew Cavitolo
CEO and Creative Director

FOUNDING PRINCIPLES: In 2012, CEO and creative director Andrew Cavitolo partnered with long-time friend and events producer Bobby Stern to turn Riviera Caterers into a major catering player. Founded as a restaurant in 1895, Riviera had built a reputation for fresh food and quality service. Though Cavitolo’s revamp brought in a fresh and innovative touch, he says, the company’s core values remain.

Fun Fact: “During prohibition, we used to make wine in the basement.”

ONBOARDING FAMILY: Currently, Cavitolo runs the business with his parents and best friend by his side. The company doesn’t have a formal process for bringing on new family members, and instead focuses on how to make its current team successful. “We are very open about what we want to do exactly, and keep those promises to each other. The biggest key, especially with family, is to make sure that everyone is on the same page,” he says.

CULTURAL VALUES:Working in a family business, Cavitolo says that communication is a key element of the company’s culture. “We all respect each other’s decisions and we respect each other’s work ethics as we communicate internally,” says Cavitolo. Another important aspect of the company’s culture is its ability to change with the times. Cavitolo says that by adhering to this idea, the business has remained alive and thriving.

LASTING LEGACY: Cavitolo hopes the next generation of his family builds on the company’s legacy and takes the business a step further. However, through any change, he believes Riviera must remain true to its original values. “We want to bring back the basics of what has always made our company successful. … That’s why we have been around for the last 100 years,” he says.