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Jim Moorhead’s “The Instant Survivor”: Worth the read?

The Instant Survivor: Right Ways to Respond When Things Go Wrong 

By Jim Moorhead

212 pages

The big idea: Jim Moorhead streamlines crisis management best practices into four actionable steps: stay frosty, secure support, stand tall and save your future. Each step is expounded upon via parable-like anecdotes featuring figures ranging from Hugh Grant to Pat Tillman.

Read it: Has anything bad ever happened to you? Do you suspect that, at some unspecified point in the future, God forbid, something bad may happen to you? If so, Moorhead’s text provides the framework to center your thoughts, form a plan and move forward.

Skip it: In our experience, ominous events don’t announce themselves and don’t usually provide for the time required to read a crisis management book. Life is infinitely complex, as well, and it’s hard to believe that “lessons” from books of this ilk can be universally applied to whatever ails each of us on any given day. CEO

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