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Personal safety: How to hire the right bodyguard

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The security and close-protection industry can be a complicated one to navigate. Trust is an important factor when it comes to you and your bodyguard or security detail.

With an increasing number of people requiring close protection in the U.S. and overseas, there is a growing need for bodyguard services. New York is a hub for the high-profile and the famous, and all that this entails — from personal shoppers and executive assistants to temporary or permanent security details. The personal safety of an individual, or the general safety of a venue is a prime consideration, so it is no surprise that the demand for protection professionals is on the rise.

What is a close protection officer?

Close-protection specialists are used in a variety of circumstances. Some are hired as permanent personal security for an individual or family; others are employed by corporations to ensure the security of senior people. Then there are specific event-related, diplomatic and organizational security requirements, where protection cannot be provided by local police or governmental security agencies.

Getting it right

For many people, hiring a bodyguard is a new experience. You should use a trusted recruitment agency that provides professional experienced candidates who have been fully vetted and background checked. This can include specifying someone with a military or special forces background for example, or perhaps a female close-protection officer, or someone who has a pilot’s license and language skills.

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