Pricing strategy and tactics, sponsored by Aurynion LLC


Compiled by Tina Irgang

SmartCEO and Aurynion LLC gathered 2017 New York Future 50 winners to discuss their chosen pricing strategies and tactics. Panelists shared how they chose their current pricing model, and how their strategies differ from their competition. SmartCEO and Aurynion LLC also asked the participating executives to share how often they review their pricing model to ensure it remains realistic and value-driven.


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Michael Guethlein, Founder, Aurynion LLC


  • Mark Gregorio, President, TEI Group
  • Kim Allen, Managing Partner, Dixon Schwabl
  • Ross Adler, President, Adler Windows
  • Jordan Cram, CEO, Enstoa
  • Danny Mizrahi, Founder and CEO, Contango IT
  • Tony Ruggieri, Managing Partner, Velstar International LLC
  • David Cooperberg, President, Imacuclean
  • Larry Cohen, CEO, Axis Promotions

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