Preparing for the unthinkable: Your exit

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I just learned of the loss of an amazing leader, resource and icon in the GovCon industry. Willie Davis was the master connector and loved helping build business within the community. He didn’t know this, but he was one of my mentors.

I interviewed with his first company, Birch and Davis, many moons ago when I was starting my career in accounting. While I decided to take a different position, I remained impressed with and by Mr. Davis and his business savvy. I’ve followed his footsteps and his footprint throughout the years. He certainly changed the way business was done.

In the most recent years, I participated in his networking events and watched while he brought government and business together.   His programs have been a part of my strategic networking plan for a very long time. Mr. Davis will absolutely be missed but not forgotten.

Mr. Davis is the second icon we’ve lost recently. Scott Orbach with EZ GSA was also a major player, leader and game changer in the industry. We have all been blessed by the expertise and opinions of these phenomenal individuals.

These losses bring me to the question I ask every business leader I have the pleasure of serving.  It does not matter where they are in their business cycle, it is critical that they know the answer to this question and have an action plan in place to make it happen.

That question is: What is your exit strategy?

Preparing to exit your business is more important, in my opinion, than entering your business. Having a plan to exit the business requires that you have a purpose and you lead with purpose. Having a plan to exit the business establishes a road map that leads to a bankable, scalable, sustainable and ultimately sellable business.

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