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Point Blank by Mark Carrow

The pace of innovation: Keeping up with disrupters is vital to your success

The difference between innovation and invention is that innovation improves upon something that already exists. Once the wheel was invented, it didn’t need to be re-invented — just improved through subsequent innovation. To ensure the relevance of your business, you don’t need to reinvent the proverbial wheel, but you do need to make innovation a priority.
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Looking ahead: Donald Trump, Ben Franklin and the future of taxes

In today’s ever-competitive environment, I would hope that the influence of both Ben Franklin and Donald Trump help you focus more on the day-to-day of operating a company. Collaborate with other like-minded business owners to ensure the success and viability of American businesses. Create jobs by staying one step ahead of our international competitors. Invest in technology, infrastructure and education for our American corporations.
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The gold-medal CEO: Olympic lessons for leading your team

The 2016 Olympic Games in Rio provided insight into the importance of culture and responsibility, the best (and worst) strategies for dealing with obstacles, effective leadership, and the hard work required to meet your goals. Here are some examples.
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Goal, strategy, action: If you want follow-through, you need a detailed plan first

How many times did you set a professional goal at the beginning of the year with a blind hope of achieving it, or agree to run a race only to struggle through training and the actual event? Being able to set and implement a strategy not only gives us fulfillment when the goal is reached, but also allows us to enjoy the journey.
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How to connect with A players on your needs and their motivations

Common motivators today, particularly with millennials, include culture issues such as flexibility, meaning and purpose, feedback and recognition, and community service. As business leaders, we have to recognize what we have to offer to meet these motivators, and what other needs and gaps may exist.
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Ch-ch-ch-chia: Growth lessons from a long-lived clay pet

Joseph Pedott filed a trademark registration for the Chia Pet in October 1977, and his company, Joseph Enterprises, still manufactures and distributes the clay figurines. Since its inception, the Chia Pet has had sales in excess of 500,000 units per year, and has withstood the test of time. Which leads me to this: Can a CEO learn growth strategies from a Chia Pet?
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How to build a strong brand that stands out in the marketplace

Some would say that the steps to building a strong brand include creating a catchy company name, promoting the brand to potential customers, and following it up with good PR that tells the world your brand is the go-to source. It is not, however, that simple or that granular.
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Business vision: Mapping your way to the promised land

Vision should be future-focused and perpetually changing based on the influence of market factors. Striving for clarity and focusing on the details enables your vision to become sharper as events unfold.
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Do you have what it takes to inspire your team?

Motivated employees can have an immeasurable influence on a company’s performance through increased productivity and efficiency. Do you have what it takes to motivate and inspire your team?
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Prepare your business to compete for the top-skilled millennials

As U.S. economic growth is on the rise and the jobless rate is at the lowest it has been in years, a new level of competition for quality talent has emerged among employers.
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