PK Semler,
Chief Executive Editor and Owner,
 Capitol Intelligence Group, Inc.: Why I Love Baltimore

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The images of rioting and National Guard soldiers with machine guns walking through the financial and tourist districts have certainly distorted the rarity of Baltimore. Baltimore business owners have taken the lead to transform the city into the new economic and business hub of the East coast, despite recent riots. Baltimore-based business leaders like Fred Newsome, founder of Newsome Gospel Music, and Hessa Perlman Tarry, CEO of Vac Pac have taken it upon themselves to spread the word of Baltimore’s success and destiny for greatness in the world of business. While Baltimore residents are frustrated in the community, small business owners have struggled to show that the media has not accurately portrayed their great city. In fact, the city is bustling with new business, including investments from companies around the globe such as Seimens AG. Even in the “impoverished” area of Eastern Baltimore, there are signs of a major influx of new investments from businesses and wealth funds based in other countries. The struggle to convey the truth about the city to the media continues in the hopes that these flourishing new businesses’ messages will spread. And still, many more business owners are proud of Baltimore, and have expressed their stories of success and hopes for the future of Baltimore in video interviews. Below are a few video interviews with some of these great leaders. Click here to view more video interviews and read the full article from PK Semler. 

Video 1: Adrian Harpool, Principal and Chief Strategist, Adrian Harpool Associates

Video 2: Fred Newsom, Founder, Newsome Gospel Music

Video 3: Jeffrey Gordon, Owner, Flash Crabcake Co.

Video 4: Hessa Perlman Tary, CEO, VacPac