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6 reasons why wise content is smarter than the rest

Thought Leadership on Digital Marketing presented by Optimize New York.

Web Content has come a long way. We all remember content stuffed with keywords and links that seemed to repeat the same sets of optimized phrases over and over. SEO content was hard to read. Unless you were Google, it made little sense to you and your customers.

It is not good enough to just create content anymore. Content must be relevant to the customer reading it, it better be sharable and scalable, and it must be tested and proven.

We’re talking about wise content.

Optimize New York was founded on the principles of grounding our thoughts, ideas and strategies with scientifically backed intelligence. We have the exact same philosophy regarding website content.

Wise content is targeted, compelling and customer-centric content that scales across different media. By using data-driven insights to drive all creative text, we’re creating a strategic combination of art and science.

But does it matter? With the stresses of creating just enough content to keep up, is wise content really needed?

Oh yeah. In today’s fiercely competitive media environment, you don’t have the luxury of gambling with words. Trying to decide which marketing angles will convince your prospects to take action — you really don’t have time for that. Marketers need hard data to substantiate crucial decisions about content.

Wise content serves your inbound marketing efforts and customers in several key ways:

  • Communicates the ideal tone of voice with each marketing message
  • Attracts the attention of your buyer personas through the use of specific emotional trigger words
  • Adheres to the latest SEO best practices to drive highly qualified search engine customers
  • Utilizes hyper-localization strategies to narrowly focus on customers in your area, concentrating on hyper-local keywords with emphasis on your immediate neighborhood, hotspots and influencers

It’s probably no surprise to you that each consumer falls into different categories when making their decisions. Are they motivated by reviews? By a trusted authority? By the feeling of getting the best deal?

The use of viewpoint data will dynamically change content based upon the mind type of the reader. Wise content uses viewpoint data to target consumers based on their mind types. Imagine the opportunities to segment your customer base into three or four mind types, and target each segment with customized messaging. Isn’t that what every consumer wants?

Optimize New York has written before about the power and importance of hyper-localization. Hyper-localization is very important in a market as saturated as New York City.

Hyper-localization offers an ideal avenue for companies looking to build a name for themselves in a highly competitive market. By focusing on dominating the immediate locale first, and then fanning out to capture wider spheres of influence over time, businesses can make the most of the recent wave of changes, including increased mobile usage, Google’s recent updates to its local search results, and applied insights from Big Data analytics tools. Now is the ideal time to put this strategy into action through wise content.

Just as important as the creation of wise content is the technology behind it. You guessed it — wise technology. To support all marketing efforts, you first need a website. A wise website.

Information must be organized and easy to find. Using the buyer personas, the navigational structure will create funnels for each type of persona to reach a satisfactory outcome. The information architecture will be created to make it easy for each of type of visitor to find the information they are looking. The user experience should drive the organization and presentation of the information on the site.

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