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How to keep the keepers – 16 cultural elements to ensure talent retention

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“The best part about working for me is that my company offers…”

Companies achieve optimum performance when their employees are awesome, intelligent, dedicated and all functioning cohesively towards achieving common SMART goals. The pivotal question becomes how to obtain and retain the greatest teams. After all, once you have expended the energy identifying the best employees and organizing the most awesome team, keeping them content can be an even greater challenge – unless you set yourself up for success. Setting yourself up to maximize employee retention is potentially the greatest investment you will ever make, so read on.

Once your team is on board and compensation has been dealt with, it’s all about your uniqueness and culture. Creating an environment that your employees can identify with makes all the difference for them. Going that extra mile to appreciate what your employees want will allow you to ask them to go the extra mile for you.

Your company already has a culture and you are certainly more apt to offering certain perks over others. Review the List of Cultural Elements below and identify what type of environment you are offering and how you can leverage that potentially untapped asset even more.

Do any of these elements describe your company philosophy and employee offerings?

  1. Innovators
  2. Risk Takers
  3. High energy and Creative atmosphere
  4. Perks like food, transportation, gym and tuition assistance
  5. Team retreats
  6. Flex schedules
  7. Exciting team building events and meetings
  8. Use of latest technology tools to optimize productivity

For other professional style environments, these features may be more appealing:

  1. Access to C level executives for questions and coaching
  2. Learning environment- Training
  3. Growth environment-Promote from within
  4. Open, transparent and collaborative environment
  5. Great Benefits package
  6. Socially responsible values and goals
  7. Sense of community and family
  8. Charitable and community programs

Company culture may be the most overlooked piece of leverage you have yet to consider seriously. Identify what you are already doing and build upon that. Know that making your culture stand out and incorporating that culture into every decision you make will be extremely meaningful to your team…and the top-tier candidate who comes in for that next interview.

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