Learn from our pros: How to stop annoying your IT team

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Are you becoming too friendly (or unfriendly) with your IT team? Do you start talking to the automated ticket system… or maybe just resort to screaming at your devices? Have you ever thrown or broken a company-issued computer in frustration!?

We love our technology, but sometimes it doesn’t work properly or just plain shuts down. I got together with our IT team to compile a list of the most common issues they come across and how to fix them – without resorting to calling, emailing, or screaming for IT. So take a few deep breaths and remember these steps when you run into your next catechstrophy.

You probably guessed the first step…


As a general rule of thumb for any problem, the first thing you should try to do is restart the machine, device, printer, cell phone etc. It really does fix most problems. There’s nothing worse than summoning someone from IT just for them to restart your computer and fix the problem. I have finally learned this after numerous “sorry’s” and guilt-ridden thank you emails.

Now for the specifics.

Email issues

Experiencing a problem with email? First, check your spam folder. Try sending a few test messages to and from a different account to see if the messages go through. Also, check to see if your email client says it’s connected to your mail server. See below for more specific email troubleshooting resources:



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