New York Roundtables

The next four years: Where is the economy going, and how does it affect your business? Sponsored by Moritt Hock & Hamroff LLP

Podcast: SmartCEO and Moritt Hock & Hamroff LLP gathered Long Island-area CEOs to discuss how the Trump administration's policy goals will affect their growth prospects.
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Riding the wave: CEOs share their strategies for staying on top of fast growth

Fast growth is both an exciting ride and a heavy responsibility. As people and systems scale, CEOs must keep a level head and decide which risks are worth taking, and
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Balancing risk and reward: A roundtable discussion on fast growth

Any entrepreneur wants to be in that sweet spot of fast growth, but getting there — and getting to the other side unscathed — can be a tough balancing act.
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Creating a Legacy, sponsored by WeiserMazars

Podcast: SmartCEO and WeiserMazars Wealth Advisors LLC asked members of this year's class of Brava honorees to share how they are creating their legacy at the companies they lead and
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Managing growth: Growing a business from startup to finish

Running a startup is hard work — among myriad other things, it involves establishing your brand, pivoting as needed, scaling during times of fast growth and, through it all, coming
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An M&A discussion from the perspectives of buyers, sellers and advisors

Planning for a merger or acquisition takes time and due diligence on the parts of both the buyer and seller to ensure a smooth and successful deal. SmartCEO gathered the
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How to maintain a work-life balance, navigate transitions in family business

It can be an incredible joy to share your business with your parents, children or siblings. It can be an incredible challenge, too. How do you know if your children
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Healthcare strategies to get the workforce you want

Today’s healthcare landscape can be complex and confusing, even for the well-educated and well-informed. That’s why SmartCEO gathered this interdisciplinary panel to discuss trends and tools that allow businesses to
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How New York companies are tapping into emerging markets around the world

In today’s connected world, we’re no longer just competing with the business down the street; we’re up against competitors across the globe. But that also means the world’s emerging markets
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How industry leaders identify and groom star players

As one generation of employees nears retirement age, it’s more important than ever to focus on acquiring and developing talent in a way that resonates with both the goals of
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How 4 New York entrepreneurs approach growth

Whether you’re a first-time start-up founder or a serial entrepreneur, there are new challenges at every stage in the journey of entrepreneurship. From maintaining the right culture to raising capital,
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