Corporate housing vs. hotels: How to keep your employees happy, healthy and within budget

Thought Leadership presented by National Corporate Housing

S1For the discerning executive, considering options and alternatives for business travel and temporary lodging for employees is a must for effective company policy. While hotels and extended-stay hotels are the traditional standard, depending on length of stay and number of individuals traveling, temporary furnished housing might very well further your bottom line. A corporate suite is more like a home than a hotel — including furnishings, kitchenware, linens and superior amenities— and for extended stays, can save you money while delivering a more comfortable experience. When your bottom line and your employees meet, it’s very much like having your cake and eating it too.

But at what point should corporate housing be a serious consideration? As a general rule, for stays of 14 days or more (or shorter, more frequent trips by one or more employee) corporate housing makes the most sense. For frequent business travelers, this option provides them a home away from home, and all the associated benefits in health, wellness and productivity.

Not only is this approach more streamlined in terms of reservations and billing, but it also reduces company costs from hidden resort fees. WhileS2 extended-stay hotels typically charge a fee for extending a reservation, corporate housing arrangements tend to be much more forgiving. Not only do you avoid the fee, but employees also don’t have to rush their work, meaning both of you can breathe easily knowing the job will be done well. In addition, corporate housing rentals bundle utilities as part of the rent, allowing for better financial planning ahead of time. And, with a full kitchen and washer/dryer in-suite, there’s no longer a need to pay for meals out or dry cleaning out of pocket.

Having all the comforts and convenience of home means happier, more comfortable employees; and this means higher caliber work performance and company loyalty. Exercise equipment and a pool/spa are the highest priority amenities for business travelers, and hotels rank lower overall than temporary corporate alternatives. Along with the ability to cook for oneself rather than resort to eating out, quality amenities can have a significant impact on employees’ overall mental and physical health.

The variety of corporate housing options also allows for customized housing solutions for different employees. For long-term stays, employees can bring along their families, and often even pets. Business travelers can choose from a variety of floor plans (on average 2 to 4 times the square footage of a hotel room), and request a furnishings package that satisfies their needs, while meeting their per-diem budget. National Corporate Housing also provides destination and travel services, so your employee can focus on work rather than the hassle and stress of getting to and from their travel destination.

For long-term business travel, corporate housing trumps standard hotels in comfort, convenience and quality of stay experience. From a BPS standpoint, National Corporate Housing has the expertise and industry connections to save you time and money on business travel packages. These options offer superior amenities along with a more comfortable suite, so employees are happier, healthier and more productive. With a plethora of package options for travelers, business trips are more enjoyable without deviating from your bottom line.


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