Murphy Brothers Contracting, Inc.

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Location: Mamaroneck, NY
Founded: 1979
Industry: Construction

Murphy Brothers Contracting, Inc.

Christopher H. Murphy

Sean P. Murphy
Vice President


Murphy Brothers Contracting, Inc. is a family-owned general contracting business. The ability of co-owners Christopher H. and Sean P. Murphy to work together as a team with mutual respect for each other after 37 years has set the pace to inspire employees to find camaraderie, common ground and workable solutions when facing any challenge. The Murphy brothers built their business in Westchester County, two blocks from where they were raised. As young boys, they played in the lumber yard where Murphy Brothers Contracting’s headquarters are now located. Through the years, they have continued to strengthen their community roots by supporting various charitable organizations.

Quick Tip: “A great leader has developed the ability to listen without prejudice to his people, no matter how difficult their opinions, concerns, criticisms or feedback may be to hear.”

In the early days, the Murphy brothers set out to hire “superstars,” but discovered they were hard to find and often take too much effort to retain. Instead, the company decided to develop operational systems that could be taught to new, capable employees relatively easily.  Murphy Brothers Contracting has found that with proper monitoring, ordinary, capable workers can produce excellent work at a consistently high level.