Mosner Family Brands

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Seth Mosner
Family Business Honoree

Location: Bronx, NY
Founded: 1957
Industry: Food service
Generations: 3


Mosner Family Brands

Seth Mosner
Executive Director

FOUNDING PRINCIPLES: “Over time, our family has been able to sustain and grow this business by staying true to three core values,” says Seth Mosner, executive director of Mosner Family Brands. The company, which provides “better-for-you” animal proteins, lives by the values of honesty, innovation and service. Though the values have remained the same over time, Mosner says each generation has put a new spin on their definitions.

Fun Fact: Mosner Family Brands founder David Mosner didn’t take a day off for the first 18 years after the company’s founding.

ONBOARDING FAMILY: All third-generation family members who are employed at Mosner Family Brands started their careers with other companies, developing unique skills. Mosner encourages this path for family members “because the company benefits from new perspectives, maturity and hard skills developed elsewhere,” he says. Once family members are ready to return to Mosner Family Brands, they start in manufacturing and work their way up. This important step allows them to set a foundation of product knowledge and gain necessary experience.

CULTURAL VALUES: “As family operators, our first instinct is often to do everything ourselves,” says Mosner. “Dynamic success is about empowering others to understand and execute our vision.” Mosner doesn’t take the role of leadership lightly, and says that leadership at Mosner Family Brands is earned, not given.

LASTING LEGACY: “The heart of our story is our family, and as long as our company exists, we’ll give current and future generations every opportunity to carry the torch moving forward,” says Mosner. The company works to build its legacy and maintain its identity as it grows, focusing on connecting with customers and on purposeful innovation.