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Location: New York, NY
Founded: 2008
Industry: Technology


James Green


Magnetic’s growth was propelled by being in the right place at the right time. “Our core search-retargeting product was perfectly placed for wide adoption by agencies in 2011,” says James Green, CEO of Magnetic. “Agencies were shifting toward data-driven strategies and excited about the ability to leverage search intent with real-time media buying. Search retargeting allowed agencies to identify in-market consumers based on search behaviors, and deliver relevant and meaningful display advertising to them in real time.”

Quick Tip: “Great leaders have results and a healthy organization supporting them. Other people have excuses.”

One key challenge for Magnetic has been overcoming the different phases of growth. In the early stage, everyone at the company was a generalist, involved in making all kinds of decisions, Green says. “During the mid-stage of the company, we were still small enough for everyone to know everyone else, but we recognized the need for specialists,” he says. “The generalists who launched the company and contributed to its early success were not the specialists who could boost it to the next stage.” Once again, in the later stage, Magnetic had to recognize the need to transition from growth driven by specialists to growth driven by strong leadership. “My vision for Magnetic is that it will become the core of every marketer’s toolbox,” says Green. “Our database of consumers, their behavior and demographics, will be plugged into every major tool that a marketer uses.”