Lynne Viccaro O’Leary

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Location: Hauppauge, NY
Founded: 1952
Industry: Financial services

Lynne Viccaro O’Leary
Vice President, Marketing

Teachers Federal Credit Union

Teachers Federal Credit Union (TFCU) is one of the country’s largest credit unions, with more than $5 billion in total assets and almost 260,000 members. As the organization’s vice president of marketing, Lynne Viccaro O’Leary focuses on building relationships. “I have always believed that building bridges and creating and maintaining genuine relationships — both inside and outside the company — is the driving force for success,” she says. “Education and skills, while important, will only get you so far if you are unable to work with other people in a respectful and meaningful way.”

Quick Tip: “I’ve found success by diligently working to address problems until a solution is achieved.”

O’Leary and her team also focus on transcending the traditional perception of marketing. “I’ve long said that marketing as a profession has a marketing problem,” says O’Leary. “If you ask 10 different people to define ‘marketing,’ you will get 10 different answers.” So while O’Leary oversees advertising, event planning and social media for TFCU, she also instructs her team to focus on member service.

O’Leary also has embraced creative ways for TFCU to give back to the community, including the creation of a weekly Farmer’s Market at TFCU headquarters. “The market was suggested by staff, and I followed through with implementation of the concept,” she says.