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Location: Bay Shore, NY
Founded: 2004
Industry: Manufacturing of fasteners and precision components for the electronics, medical and aerospace industries

Lynda Zacpal

American Pride Fasteners, LLC

“After being let go in 2001 from a fastener company that closed its doors because it could no longer compete with imported fasteners, my brother and I felt strongly that manufacturing could survive in America, and that we would be the company that would prove it,” says Lynda Zacpal, president of American Pride Fasteners, LLC (APF). The two opened APF in 2004, with used equipment, in a small, dank warehouse. “We ran our first parts using extension cords to our land lord’s power panel to power our machines,” Zacpal recalls. AFC manufactures miniature cold-formed fasteners and precision screw-machine components.  

Fun Fact: “I have worked at the annual Seatuck Eco Carnival, which is an event to raise money for Seatuck Nature Preserve.”        

In early 2009, APF moved to a larger, 10,000-square-foot space — then the economy went into a tailspin. “Our sales dropped to almost half, and our largest customer decided to move their payables to us out by 90 days. Companies all around us were going out of business,” says Zacpal. APF survived, and in 2014 was ready to hire a sales manager who specialized in precision-screw machined parts and knew of a small screw-machine shop that was closing up. Zacpal decided to buy the defunct company. “By the end of that year, we received a contract to run high-volume precision parts for the medical industry,” she says.      

Under Zacpal’s leadership, APF’s sales have skyrocketed over 12 years in business. She remains the final decision maker on all corporate procedures, and has defined a strategy and business plan that she believes will assure the future growth of APF.