Lisa Sepulveda

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Location: New York, NY
Founded: 1952
Industry: Communications marketing

Lisa Sepulveda
Chief Client Officer


As chief client officer at Edelman, a communications marketing company, Lisa Sepulveda oversees major clients such as eBay, GE, Kellogg, PayPal and Starbucks. She has led some of the more talked-about communications campaigns for major brands as well, including those for Axe, Dove and Samsung. Beyond that, she serves on Edelman’s executive committee, with the specific role of advancing the firm’s largest and highest-potential clients, and the people who lead those accounts.

Quick Tip: “I have learned the value of having a community of smart minds, trusted confidants, friends, family and advisors around me.”  

Though Sepulveda is well known for her capabilities within the firm, she is most celebrated by those who know her for her ability to guide, coach and motivate those around her. From recent college graduates to C-level executives, Sepulveda serves as a mentor, role model and friend to many, helping her team deliver outstanding results and strive for success.

In 2012, Sepulveda was diagnosed with breast cancer, but, she says, the diagnosis does not define her. Still, she has made it her mission to be a sounding board for others who have been recently diagnosed. “There is incredible power in the authenticity of connecting with someone who has a shared experience and can impart personal wisdom to help power forward,” she says.