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Workplace fitness: 3 simple changes you can make to improve productivity

Thought Leadership on The Future of Wellness presented by LifeWork Strategies.

You can go crazy and invest in things like treadmill desks, massage chairs and onsite chefs (trust me, I won’t stop you), or you can simply add one more resolution to your annual business strategy – a resolution to get your workplace fit. This resolution has enormous potential to improve productivity, retention, overall happiness and workplace satisfaction. Look at it this way: Your employees are the foundation of your business. You need a strong foundation, and your employees need to be strong (both in resilience and in the physical sense). Here are three traditional fitness components, redesigned for workplace fitness improvement in 2016:

Strength: Are your employees strong? Not bench-press strong, but emotionally strong? Have you invested in activities designed to help with their resilience, emotional strength and work-life balance? Be sure to give them access to multiple resources that will help them achieve mental strength to overcome life’s constant challenges. Think webinars/seminars on stress management, mindfulness and meditation.

Flexibility: Sitting for 8 hours or more per day is wreaking havoc on millions of workers. Tight hip flexors, weak backs, poor circulation and increasing stress all combine to make a recipe for disaster. Take time to have workstation evaluations, frequent stretch breaks, an opportunity to participate in a team activity challenge, and consider allowing flexibility of work hours.

Cardiovascular: Do your employees have the opportunity to get out and sweat? Consider a workplace sports team (added bonus: put your company logo on their jerseys for extra marketing exposure). Perhaps a subsidized gym membership to help them before or after work is an option. Even simple tactics like walking meetings can help relieve stress, get some fresh air and bring vitality back to the workplace. Let’s focus on protecting the heart of your workforce.

It’s easy to achieve workplace fitness by following these three simple steps; your employees and bottom line will thank you for it!

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