Leslie Young

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Location: New York, NY
Founded: 1968
Industry: Furniture design and manufacturing

Leslie Young
Owner and President

Cliff Young Ltd.

When Cliff Young Ltd. was first founded, manufacturers were reluctant to put its furniture into production, for fear it wouldn’t sell. Today, owner and president Leslie Young says the company designs award-winning furniture with an ever-evolving aesthetic. “We believe in designs that are thoughtful and innovative, that masterfully blend classic aesthetic principles with functionality, that bring in new materials and finishes, that make our lives easier, more comfortable, more luxurious,” says Young.

Fun Fact: Cliff Young donates furniture and design services to organizations like the Ronald McDonald House.

Instead of staying away from custom-design services, Cliff Young embraces them, and has hired the staff it needs to pull together design, engineering and development. “We are committed to designing and manufacturing the right furniture piece for each client, even if it means extra design work, extra staff, extra engineering and development,” says Young.

Young has made it a point to help her staff members develop their skills and reach their full potential, even if that is counterproductive to the job at hand. What’s more, she says the company pioneers efforts to educate its audience on changes to the industry. In fact, Cliff Young holds regular Design Trend events, educational panels in its showroom, and development classes on design topics.