Terry Tateossian


Terry Tateossian
Founding Partner and Lead Engineer


When business owners need an infusion of fresh ideas and enthusiasm, they call Terry Tateossian and her partner Ken Krysinski at Socialfix.

The technology and marketing experts devised a successful digital marketing method while growing an earlier startup they founded. In the ten years since they parlayed that method into the launch of Socialfix, their excitement and vitality for their work hasn’t waned. The agency provides services that include branding and strategy, web development, video, mobile applications, SEO and social media.

Here, Tateossian talks about how Socialfix’s passion for entrepreneurism makes their point of view different from other agencies.

Q: Why did you and Ken Krysinski found Socialfix?

A: We met in 2001. With my background in IT and computer science and Ken’s in marketing strategy and entrepreneurism, it didn’t take long to figure out we not only enjoyed each other’s company but also shared an entrepreneurial spirit. We put our education and experience together and began founding serial internet and off-line start-ups.

By 2004 one of our online properties began generating multi-million dollar revenues. This success brought on requests from friends and family looking for help in doing the same through digital marketing and inevitably Socialfix was born.

Ken and I realized we truly enjoyed digging into different businesses and figuring out creative and tactical ways to improve performance. Ten years and two children later, it is still our greatest passion and reason Socialfix was founded.

Q: How is Socialfix different from other agencies? What is your defining expertise?

A: There are two main reasons Socialfix stands out from other agencies:

The first is our approach. We have an entrepreneur-based approach to strategy, growth and marketing. We first relate to the business problem or challenge as business owners and managers, taking into consideration assets, resources, costs, historic results and pain points. Then we think about the customers of our clients and their needs and wants. Only when we have a thorough understanding of the needs, do we put our marketing hats on and start contemplating solutions.

The second reason is point of view. Between Ken and I, Socialfix has all the core competencies of digital marketing covered and is rooted in computer science, technology and entrepreneurship rather than in account management and sales.

Defining expertise is technology and digital marketing which includes branding, strategy, web, social media, SEO and now video production.

Q: What type of clients do you target?

A: We love to engage with individuals and companies who understand the importance of a well-planned and executed digital marketing program. The ideal client is one who needs the skills and intelligence of an entire marketing team but knows using an agency will not only reduce overhead but also expand specific specialties.

We love working with clients who are passionate or are seeking to find their passion again for what they do. We draw our greatest inspiration from working with motivated clients who care about the mission of their company.

Q: When a business owner is considering marketing services, like brand strategy or a social media campaign, how should they evaluate their needs?

A: First, start out knowing what the end goals are, quantify them if possible. In order to run an efficient marketing program, you need to understand the goals and measure them against available resources, both human and financial.

Don’t use a bulldozer when you only needed a shovel, and if you only have a shovel to do the job of a bulldozer, then you need to rethink your goals and adjust accordingly.

The biggest mistake we run into with clients is when they come to us saying they need to do something but when asked, they don’t really know what their expected outcome is.

Q: What work have you done that you felt was especially effective? What are you most proud of?

A: It will sound very cliché but, it is the calls and emails sent from clients at 10 p.m. just because they couldn’t wait untill the morning to tell us how happy they are with their new website, or that their key rankings lost in a Google update have returned, or that they found a new excitement for their business because we showed them a way to change their process. We get prouder and prouder with every happy and successful client we work with.

Our mission for the past 10 years has been to bring desire and passion to entrepreneurs not just for their own business but also for their clients. This gives us the most satisfaction and fulfillment to know we are the fuel to drive entrepreneurs forward even when times are good and especially when times get tough.

Our greatest strengths lie in accomplishing impossible goals and succeeding despite economic and other obstacles in our clients’ paths. We are most proud when we see our clients succeed.

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