Tabasum Lutfi


Tabasum Lutfi
Co-Founder and COO
TriVision Creative

Tabasum Lutfi, COO of TriVision Creative, founded the company along with her brothers when they were barely teenagers. Driven by passion for the work and a strong family bond, TriVision has grown to become an award-winning, full-service marketing agency that uses the most advanced technology to attract the attention of today’s savvy customers, extending the reach and buzz of a brand, product or event. With multiple locations and state-of-the-art multimedia studios in DC, Northern Virginia and Baltimore, TriVision specializes in high-impact, result-oriented creative marketing for digital, print and broadcast media.

 Q: TriVision was formed when you and your brothers were in middle school and high school. What sparked your passion for this industry at such a young age?

 A: Our passion for this industry started at a young age due to our keen interest in the creatives. We were involved in the visual arts at school, but even at home we would do fun things like shoot short films using our own video camera and equipment. We took graphic design courses and participated in competitions, one of which was the DC Central Kitchen logo design contest. My brother and the creative director of the company, Arsalan Lutfi, won that contest and his logo is still being used today.

Another factor was our father, Abraham Lutfi, who was a very successful and influential businessman in Afghanistan, doing furniture and steel manufacturing for more than 40 years. He was our source of inspiration to pursue our dreams and become great entrepreneurs like him. Both our parents were an incredible support system and helped us start the business from the basement of our home. However, we didn’t start the business just to start a business. We started it because it was something we were good at and passionate about.

Q: How do your clients benefit from working with a family-owned and operated business?

A: The benefit of being originally a family-owned business is that we treat every client like family. Our own family bond is the glue that has kept our business strong for over two decades, so we understand what it takes to maintain longstanding relationships. Although now we have expanded in size and are more than just a family business, our family values remain intact, and that is what has helped keep most of our clients so loyal over the years.

Q: What were the challenges of running a company at a relatively young age, and how have they shaped your leadership team into what it is today?

A: Running a company at a young age came with great challenges, of course, especially since we had to share the tasks and all the financial burdens among four siblings. Not only was it tough juggling full-time work and school together, but we also had to deal with the normal things kids go through while growing up. However, it also helped us mature faster and learn how to deal with real-world situations. It has instilled within us a special drive to be ambitious and always strive to do bigger and better things.

Q: TriVision is a full-service agency. What does that mean for clients?

A: Being a full-service agency really means that we are a one-stop shop for all things creative and digital. We are not simply another marketing firm. We do design, marketing, web and video production in-house. Our three locations in the DC region, which include downtown Washington, DC, Dulles, VA, and Baltimore, come with built-in green screen and white CYC studios where we film and edit entire productions. Because video has become such a big part of marketing these days, being a one-stop shop ensures that our clients’ corporate identity and marketing message is consistent and relevant across all of their marketing platforms.

Q: TriVision has worked with clients that range from major brands all the way to startups and nonprofits. Why did you decide to work with such a wide range of clients?

A: Everyone needs marketing, whether you are a startup, a nonprofit or a government entity. However, not everyone is good at it, especially when it comes to the creative aspects. We embrace all clients and have been able to build a strong portfolio over the years, having helped startups that now employ hundreds of employees, and renowned schools like Georgetown University or John Hopkins. Yes, in the last five years our clientele has expanded into the government sector and larger commercial corporations, but it doesn’t mean we have turned our back on small businesses. Small businesses and nonprofits are what helped TriVision grow into what it is today, and we still do a good portion of our work with them.

Q: TriVision is currently working on a campaign for women’s rights in Afghanistan. Can you tell me a little bit more about this, and why you guys decide to take on this project?

A: Afghanistan is known to be one of the most dangerous places, if not the most dangerous place, for women. When we saw this project proposed by the U.S. State Department and the U.S. Embassy, we knew we were the perfect candidates to take on the challenge in partnership with the Cooperation for Peace & Unity (CAPU). Having an office in Kabul, Afghanistan with an entire on-the-ground team, as well as TriVision’s reputation and extended experience in the industry, helped us capture this opportunity. We implemented this nationwide media communications campaign through effective design, production and distribution of materials on TV, radio, billboards, social media, videos and collateral materials. We built a Facebook community page that has accumulated more than 100,000 followers in less than six months. This is an ongoing campaign, and we are very proud of how much we have been able to accomplish in less than a year, and the positive impact it is having on the people of Afghanistan.
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Q: Where do you see TriVision five years from now?

A: In five years, TriVision will hopefully have even more locations in major cities like Los Angeles, New York and Dubai. Because we have been able to build a strong portfolio and valuable brand equity for TriVision over the years, I believe we can expand beyond just the DC metro region. I see us doing more similar projects to the U.S. State Department’s campaign for the Afghan women’s rights, and integrated marketing services for clients like the U.S. Department of Commerce. I am excited to see what the future has in store for TriVision.

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