Reed Hagmann


Reed Hagmann
Capitol Office Solutions 

At Capitol Office Solutions, it’s all about the people. Far from relying on the powerful pull of its parent brand Xerox, Capitol offers employees superior benefits and excellent career advancement opportunities. Here, president Reed Hagmann discusses these and other ingredients of his company’s special sauce.

Q: What makes Capitol Office Solutions special? In other words, what sets it apart from other companies in the industry?

A: Our people definitely make us special: One of the single best things Capitol does is hire great people, and it has created a winning culture.

The Xerox brand: Xerox is far and away the most powerful brand in the industry. The Xerox product line is also the most complete in the industry, and is particularly dominant in the color and production segment.

Managed print services: With no upfront investment, Capitol can help companies manage their current desktop printers. This allows clients to optimize their document workflow and recognize significant cost savings.

World-class service and support: Our local helpdesk is currently completing 20 percent of all service calls remotely. This provides our clients with an instantaneous response and ensures optimal uptime of their technology. Our local offices in Columbia, MD, Washington, DC, and Vienna, VA, provide the high level of service and support that our clients expect and deserve.

Capitol understands the customers criteria: We listen to what is important to customers and tailor our solution to meet their particular needs.

Q: Retaining key talent is something many companies struggle with. How do you make it worthwhile for employees to stay with Capitol Office Solutions?

A: The company has a winning culture and an atmosphere of success that people want to be part of every day. At Capitol, we provide incredible career advancement opportunities to our employees. We offer a leadership development program that helps employees sharpen their skills for the next step in their career. Almost all of Capitol’s management team has been internally promoted, and this will continue in the years to come. In addition to a great career path, we offer fantastic benefits, including a company matched 401(k) program.

Q: How do you establish partnerships with your clients?

A: We pride ourselves on taking the time to uncover and understand our clients’ needs first. We use customers’ criteria to co-author a tailored solution that helps them achieve their business initiatives. Every client’s office is unique, which is why our COS 360 approach is so important. In addition, getting involved in the community is very important to Capitol, which is why we support so many nonprofit organizations throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.

Q: One of Capitol Office Solutionskey offerings is COS 360. Can you explain what it entails and how it helps your clients?

A: We provide assessments to companies, allowing them to optimize the use of their technology in the most effective and cost-efficient ways possible. COS 360 is all about taking a consultative approach to understanding a client’s business and technology needs. We look into seven core areas of a business, including the total cost of ownership, deployment and usage patterns of their technology assets. The end result is a completely tailored solution that will include hardware, software and/or services.

Q: Technology in the office setting is changing at an increasingly rapid pace. How has Capitol Office Solutions kept up with those changes?

A: We are continuously innovating and staying ahead of the curve when it comes to technology. In 2014, Xerox will invest close to $500 million in research and development. In addition, Capitol Office Solutions recently launched proprietary mapping software which helps our consultants complete the COS 360 assessments for our current and future clients. Capitol also has a versatile tool, SmartFlex, which provides automatic toner replenishment, service calls and meter read reporting.


Q: Describe your leadership style. What kind of atmosphere do you try to create at the company?

A: I try to lead by example and am willing to roll up my sleeves to help any employee. Every month, I partner up with a new sales rep for a day of cold calling in the field. I bring high energy, passion and incredible work ethic into the office each day. I am fortunate to be surrounded by a very talented senior staff at Capitol. We are working together to create an atmosphere of success, development and fun that allows all employees to reach their professional goals.


Q: What is your professional background, and how did you come to join Capitol Office Solutions?

A: I began my career working with Capitol’s sister company (Connecticut Business Systems, or CBS) in 2005. I joined CBS as a sales rep and worked my way up the organization, becoming senior VP of sales in 2012. CBS was one of the top-performing global imaging companies, and I feel very fortunate to have been surrounded by great leadership who helped me develop in my various roles. In March of 2014, I was offered the position of leading Capitol Office Solutions. The opportunity to join such a well-respected and fast-growing company serving the Maryland, Washington, DC, and Virginia markets was absolutely incredible.


Q: What is your vision for the future of Capitol Office Solutions?

A: I envision Capitol Office Solutions having double-digit growth year over year through our highly motivated employees who are delivering a world-class customer experience. This growth will create hundreds of jobs in the Baltimore/DC/Virginia market.


Q: As a leader, what advice do you have for your fellow entrepreneurs?

A: Surround yourself with incredible talent. The team with the best players usually wins. Create a culture of learning and development, and instill a “refuse-to-lose” attitude within your company.

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