Matt Johnson


Matt Johnson
President and CEO
Raven Data Technologies, Inc. 

With the new trend in outsourcing IT, it can be hard for businesses to distinguish themselves and provide a service above the rest. Matt Johnson, president and CEO of Raven Data Technologies, Inc., explains why he founded the company and his secrets to providing a unique user experience, rather than just an IT support center.

Q: What idea sparked the founding of Raven Data Technologies?

A: Our CTO Vaughn Thomas and I were working for a company that was not doing well. At some point, we had a conversation that working for ourselves would be better than what we were doing, as it would allow us to control our own destiny. Knowing that just moving from job to job was not going to support us and our families as we would like, we knew a change had to be made. Thus, Raven Data Technologies was born.

Q: What was Raven Data Technologies’ founding mission?

A: We founded Raven Data Technologies because we saw an opportunity to harness the rise of cloud computing and turn it into a viable business model. Fixed-rate IT support grew from a niche, occupied by rather specific IT services, to the mainstream way to provide support for businesses. The growth of virtualization technology and remote monitoring meant that we could pass on IT savings to customers, and provide support to companies that could not afford those products. The founders of Raven Data Tech all believe that a solid IT infrastructure can make the difference when it comes time for growth, and a deciding factor if a disaster occurs. Our goal is to provide affordable fixed-rate IT solutions and project support to our clients, regardless of size.

Q: With your experiences working in a failed company, what lessons have you learned that you apply to Raven Data Tech?

A: When you are at a failing company, everything is bad — from morale to leadership. Most days, people just came to work, went through the motions and went home. Many days, there were call-outs or no-shows and service lines going unanswered. One of the biggest lessons I learned from this company was that everyone can have a breakthrough idea. Too many times, I sat in meetings where ideas were dismissed because they did not come from senior leadership. Many times I heard, “Let me think about how I want to do it” from an executive. This was truly eye-opening. The second lesson I learned was to keep your employees informed even if the news is bad. Nobody likes to let their employees know that paychecks are going to be late, but they’d rather find out sooner than later.

Q: What distinguishes you from your competitors? What does Raven Data Tech bring to the table that no one else does?

A: Raven Data Tech is a purpose-driven business. Our desire as a company is to assist your business in its growth, long-term or short-term. We operate and make our decisions as a business that places our clients’ needs first. It is our corporate goal to help a business thrive and grow as its IT partner. We pride ourselves on being able to make sense of the latest changes in technology, and being able to leverage the changes into solutions for our clients.

As an IT partner that provides a wealth of services to our clients, how our clients continue to grow is important to us. We place a focus on business continuity and disaster recovery to help our clients survive the inevitable loss of assets or resources. We believe that a strong IT foundation will keep a business afloat during a disaster, so our products and services mirror that value. Raven Data Tech has risk-management and business-insurance experts on staff to assist with business-continuity planning and integration.

Q: Why do clients love working with you?

A: Raven Data Tech doesn’t stop at the sale. We want to help our clients grow their business by removing their IT headaches from their day-to-day activities. Our goal is to integrate ourselves into our clients’ organization and serve as their “virtual CIO.” Our clients enjoy that we don’t treat them like just another customer, and that the management team is always available for consultation or problem resolution. Raven Data Tech provides our clients with answers to their IT questions and keeps them informed on current trends or happenings in the news. 

Q: What impacts have you had on your clients’ businesses?

A: Raven Data Tech influences every client in a positive manner. Our interaction as a support business is to help other businesses grow through a solid IT foundation. With a solid IT foundation in place, a business is much more resistant to disaster, and it has a proper starting point for growth. Our expertise in software deployment and integration will save businesses time and money. By serving as a virtual CIO, we can remove the IT stumbling blocks that all businesses face. We feel our benefit to any business is our flexibility; we can fit into your business model on virtually any level. If a multinational business needs an office suite or remote server monitoring, we can provide them with quality support and service. If a local business is losing hours managing paperwork, we can deploy a document management system to free up valuable employee time. The biggest impact we can make is the one where we educate our clients, while providing stellar, hands-on service.

Q: In a crowded IT market, why should a potential business choose Raven Data Technologies?

A: In our market, anyone can sell IT services and products. What we sell is a unique IT-user experience. We focus on the users and applications that our clients use and find new ways to make their workday more efficient. Using our technical support expertise, we are able to tailor our solutions in a way that allows us to help businesses grow without the constraints of having to manage a secure and effective IT infrastructure. Our business solutions speak to CEOs, CIOs and CFOs by addressing not only the technical needs of their organization but their business assets and property, and saving them capital expenses. By leveraging risk-management techniques, we ensure our solutions will be able to survive disaster, along with providing our clients with a roadmap to swift disaster recovery.

The current state of the internet requires every business operating online to have data and asset security at the forefront of current and upcoming IT budgets. Our approach during this difficult time is to keep the individual client, no matter how small, as a professional priority. In a protected and secure IT environment, businesses can spend less time and money on managing their IT and spend more on growing their business.

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