Mark Wagner


Mark Wagner
Co-founder and Principal

Today, it would seem that the telecommunications market is cornered by the larger, global service providers, and business people do not often notice the independently-owned voice service companies. Mark Wagner, co-founder and principal of Intellivoice, explains the importance of the telephone and the mentality behind leading a business dedicated to customers through excellent service and personalized attention.


Q: What challenges have you faced as a small startup trying to break into a large market? How have you overcome those challenges?

A: Brand recognition in any industry is difficult, but when it comes to providing phone service for businesses, it becomes even more challenging. The telephone may be one of the most overlooked business tools we use — until there is an issue, and then everyone remembers how important the phones are. Our staff is comprised of individuals who have spent decades working in the telecommunications field. We understand that technical and network issues are going to happen, and understanding that and preparing for it is what differentiates Intellivoice. Our network has full redundancy; we plan for disaster recovery on client premise and our engineers are excellent at troubleshooting when issues arise. Many people have the misunderstanding that VoiP is less reliable than older technology, but in fact it is just the opposite and allows clients more advanced redundancy and network up time.


Q: What are Intellivoice’s founding values? How do those play a role in your day-to-day business?

A: Intellivoice is a Christian-based business and we act accordingly. We treat our clients, employees and vendors with honesty, integrity and respect. If you view our website,, our mission statement says it all.


Q: What makes Intellivoice unique? How does your customer service impact your clients?

A: Our people make all the difference, as they truly care about our clients and the success of their business. All of our employees are communication professionals with an average of 20 years of experience, and the goal of answering all calls live. While this increases our cost, our clients appreciate the expertise and prompt service.


Q: How have you grown from a startup to where you are now? What plans for growth do you have for the future?

A: Intellivoice was officially launched in April of 2013, but the planning and development of the infrastructure started well before. Now, 18 months later, we have sales offices in Maryland and Texas and a support center in Nevada. We have surpassed sales expectations by 50 percent and have become cash positive in less than 15 months. We are actively hiring in both Texas and Maryland and are planning future sales offices in Texas, Florida and Kentucky.

Q: What need or gap is Intellivoice filling in the market?

A: I am not sure Intellivoice fills any gaps in the industry. What we provide is a service-oriented company designed to work with our clients in a true partnership to better manage all telecommunication needs.


Q: Since holding on to clients is important as a company is growing, how do you maintain your clientele?

A: We develop partnerships with our clients by providing a high-quality service with competitive pricing and outstanding service and support. Our clients appreciate the effort we give them and for that, we earn loyalty. Our goal is not to be the cheapest carrier, but to be the best carrier, and we believe that starts and ends with service. You never lose a satisfied client!


Q: What value does Intellivoice offer its customers?

A: We provide our clients with peace of mind. They know if they have an issue or need, our staff will work to find resolution.

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