Jim Geier


Jim Geier
Human Capital Consulting Partners

Founded in 2004, Human Capital Consulting Partners was born of Jim Geier’s insight as top human resources executive at global life sciences and manufacturing companies, including Quaker Chemical Corporation and Rhône-Poulenc Rorer Pharmaceuticals (today Sanofi-Aventis). To enhance results, he created a breakthrough strategic approach to the management of human capital — one that is more aligned with shareholder and C-suite goals and expectations. His unique approach has been proven to dramatically affect the bottom line and shareholder value.

Below, Human Capital Consulting Partners’ president Jim Geier talks about how his company built its reputation.

Q: What is the difference between Human Capital Consulting Partners (HCCP) and other human resources consulting organizations?

A: We look at human capital in an organization from a unique point of view. We have observed that most HR departments are operated tactically, and often at odds with an organization’s long-term business strategy and shareholder objectives. As a full-service consulting firm, we specialize in working with organizations as a trusted advisor, helping them align their Human Capital processes with shareholder expectations. HCCP is led by people with a business mindset and decades of experience. We are uniquely qualified to succeed because of our successful hands-on track record with boards of directors, in the C-suite and in human resource positions. In other words, we truly understand your challenges and situations, and know what it takes to provide solutions.

Q: Why is your unique approach so important?

A: People are often the largest expense in businesses. But this is often an expense that does not get managed the same way as other expenses. Whether your organization is large or small, if the rationale behind hiring, firing and maintaining human capital is not in line with corporate goals and vision, it can actually work against the organization and reduce performance and profitability. Too often, people get hired based on a resume or to fill a position without connecting the person and their skills to organizational direction. HCCP offers complete consulting services, which enables us to understand the complete organization from the point of view of the stakeholder and craft improvements in hiring, organization design, training, compensation, cultural change, succession plans and more to maximize a company’s potential.

Q: Why did you choose to focus on consulting for small and medium-sized businesses, including many that are family owned?

A: Why not? Businesses of this size make up a large segment of business today. An organization with fewer employees means that every dollar and every employee must add value to the full extent to achieve the stakeholders’ vision. In medium and small-sized businesses, this needs to be even more fine-tuned. Unlike giant companies, medium and small companies frequently do not have a consulting resource or even a single staff person to advise them on their organizational challenges. HCCP can step in and solve problems without requiring an organization to commit to a full-time program.

Q: How have your company’s service offerings evolved over the years?

A: Our service offerings have expanded as a direct result of the trust we established with our clients over the years. We’ve been able to develop comprehensive consulting expertise and services, which include six key areas: organizational and cultural change management; organizational assessment and workforce planning; compensation strategies; succession strategies; executive search; and HR outsourcing.

Q: Your company gets much of its business through referrals. How do you make sure those opportunities are a good fit, and what do you do if they’re not?

A: Ninety-eight percent of HCCP’s business comes from a trusted advisor to our clients. These trusted advisors understand what we do, how we do it and that we will provide solutions that will deliver value to our clients. They’re also trained to look for clients who are open-minded to human capital strategy making changes to improve their human capital dynamics.

Q: You spent many years working in corporate roles and helping companies navigate times of change and transition. What lessons did you learn during this time that you were able to apply to your consulting business?

A: Looking back, I had a valuable career working globally in the chemical, life sciences, healthcare and financial services industries. These experiences helped me understand the importance of a finding a unique business strategy, the need to set goals and objectives for the business, the willingness to dream about the future, and, most of all, the importance of hiring, retaining and promoting the right talent to fulfill the expectations of the shareholder.

Q: What are the most common challenges your small-business clients are encountering these days? How do you help them solve those challenges?

A: The biggest challenge for most of our clients is managing growth in their businesses, and hiring and retaining the right talent. HCCP assists our clients with these challenges in two ways. One, by ensuring they have the right business processes in place to take their companies to the next level. Two, by making sure their employees have the rights skills, competencies, behaviors and experiences to meet the business goals and objectives.

Q: What is your vision for the future of HCCP? In other words, where do you see the business in five years?

A: Like any owner, I believe growth is important for the future. However, as a professional services firm, the real vision for me is to continue to provide the highest level of service to our clients so they are able to say: “Human Capital Consulting Partners helped me solve my problem, and because of them, our business has been successful.”

Q: As a leader, what advice do you have for other entrepreneurs?

A: Don’t be afraid to explore new methods to become more successful. It’s important to find a unique approach to business opportunities in order to stand out from the crowd and maximize success. Be sure to surround yourself with the right people who can turn your dream into reality. And motivate them to strive to be the best they can be. Lastly, try not to take yourself too seriously.

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