George Mach


George Mach
President and CEO
Apex IT Group

Plenty of companies claim that their IT services are unique, but at Apex IT Group, they actually are. From its proprietary process to its sincere dedication to proactive strategies, Apex IT works to do IT better.

Q: What is Apex IT’s secret sauce, and how does it help cut down on “noise” for your clients?

A: The main problems that technology-driven companies want to solve are keeping their employees productive and knowing their risks at all times. When you can solve these problems, you can invest most of your time in strategic technology initiatives. Our secret sauce is our intellectual property and technology, which is used to identify technical risks, pinpoint inefficiencies, and report them to business people so they can make decisions.

Q: Why do you say that Apex IT’s proprietary process, CommandLink, is its super power?

A: CommandLink is a brand based on the concept of gaining total control over business technology and keeping that control. Business leaders often want to know that they have command over their business and technology. CommandLink provides that to our clients in a way they can understand, without having to get bogged down in details.

Q: How did your background with IT and engineering help you create a company that “does it better?”

A: Very simple. When you understand technology and business at a deep intellectual level, and have passion for returning investment to your clients, you invest your time in your company differently. I have been able to invest my time in creating and delivering competitive advantages, and creating separation from other IT companies. “Better” can be subjective, since most IT providers sound the same on the surface. When you can quantify “better” and deliver guarantees you can measure, that is how you become better.

Q: Why did your company decide to take a proactive and preventative approach to IT?

A: There are many businesses that say they provide proactive services. Any IT provider can buy technology off the shelf to monitor computer systems. Most of the providers in the IT space believe this is proactive. These services are not proactive, they are reactive. Truly proactive services are the high-value business consulting services, process development and technology strategy that business leaders look for from our company. When you can drive IT noise down in a business, you can spend most of your time being proactive.

Q: How has Apex IT used gamification to engage its employees on a deeper level?

A: We are in the infancy stage of adopting this concept. We have implemented a points and rewards system called Fantasy Sales Team. The concept is simple: Recognize great performances and bad performances, and the culture will change to one in which everyone wants to do a great job. This creates an atmosphere of passionate people who like to be awesome.

Q: What is unique about Apex IT’s leadership team, and how does it serve the company?

A: There is an interesting dynamic amongst our leaders. We each have different styles, strengths and priorities based on experience. For example, the diversity between the CEO and COO at Apex is our strength. We are completely aligned on the business plan and targets, yet we bring a balanced mix of vision and action which creates results that are superior.

Q: How does your hiring process help separate Apex IT from its competition?

A: This is such a great question because every company in our space claims to have the best and brightest people. Newsfeeds are saturated with the importance of talent management, and companies are doing wild things to attract talent. I found that our clients don’t keep us because we have smart, competent people; they keep us because of our approach and process. We only hire those people who understand and believe in our approach and process, and in return, they are always at the top of the pack in both IQ and EQ. We have a stringent hiring process with specialized testing. We only hire qualified professionals who align with our culture and client base. I can’t prove that it helps separate us from our competition, but employees who select us over a competitor have told me we are the opposite of the companies they interview with.

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