Dror Mei-Tal


Dror Mei-Tal
President and CEO
Global Telecom Brokers (GTB) 

With ever-changing technology, it can be hard for small telecom companies to stay ahead of the game, and no one wants to deal with the customer service of a large corporation. Dror Mei-Tal, president and CEO of Global Telecom Brokers (GTB) shares his secrets to success: a strong focus on customers service and the ability to stay innovative and ahead of the competition.

Q: What was your mission statement? In other words, why did you decide to start GTB?

A: GTB started because we identified the need to help businesses reduce the high expense of their long distance calls. We have been able to add new products and services as the list of customers has been growing with changes in technology. As a facility-based telecom provider, we have the ability to directly control the product we sell and ensure high quality and excellent customer service.

Q: Why do your customers consider you the best at what you do?

A: Many other phone providers, unfortunately, focus on acquiring the customer and then do very little to make sure they are happy. GTB, on the other hand, spends a significant amount of resources to ensure customer satisfaction. Customer inquiries are answered promptly, users get unlimited support and support can be received in person, over the phone or the internet. To meet their needs, GTB also ensures that customers do not over spend while receiving the newest products and services required by their businesses.

Q: You have an innovative new product. What is it? Why is it unique and how will it revolutionize business?

A: Our premiere product is the Flex-Point phone system. It’s a cloud-based, hosted system that provides our customers with reliable, secured phone service, HD quality voice and other enhanced features usually available only to large companies. This is a unique solution that also allows businesses to upgrade to the latest technology without needing to purchase expensive premise-based equipment for their location. Flex-Point is great to any company but can really help companies with multi-location offices and telecommuters. With Flex-Point, there is no need to memorize complicated feature codes for normal phone functions.

We put strong emphasis on the installation and the transition of the customers from the old service to the new solution. Every user is trained on how to use the features and a support team is dedicated to resolving issues and modifying any features. Flex-Point connects for the first time between multiple devices. The office phone and features can be used anywhere in the world, on any device. It is considered one of the leading telecom products for thousands of users who use it as a communications tool.

Q: GTB’s 23rd anniversary of being in business is coming up. What is your secret to success?

A: With some existing customers dating back to the 90s, we have had to be open and flexible to shifting FCC regulations, the peaks and valleys of the market and new technology. Our customer relationships are very important to us, and it helps that we serve our market locally so we can give everyone the kind of support they need. We meet with every customer face-to-face, and are able to upgrade their phone systems and service to the newest technology, regardless of their size.

Being a smaller company also allows us to be nimble and responsive to new technology. In the early 90s, GTB was one of the first companies to provide local and long-distance services to businesses in Maryland. Ten years later, we were one of the first in the U.S. to offer Voice over IP (VoIP) services to our business customers. With each business, we customize our packages to best meet their needs with little to no upfront, out-of-pocket expense.

Q: What challenges did you face when trying to break into the market?

A: Changes in technology and FCC regulations continually require GTB to make quick adjustments to stay competitive and continue to grow. When we started as a telecom agent, the rapid industry growth forced us to become independent and invest significantly in our own network. When business telecom users became open to new technologies, we also started offering high-speed internet access, special voice services and network design and security.

Since then, we have had to remain flexible and innovative to keep up with FCC regulations, in addition to the typical challenges that come when a small, local business competes with larger providers.

Q: From your work, what impacts have you seen in the small business community?

A: It is interesting to see how small businesses change their attitude towards new technology. Most businesses refuse to be early adopters, not knowing the effect it may have on the productivity of their employees. Once the product becomes more common, the number of users increases quickly. In the last few years, forward thinking leaders and college graduates from the “iPhone generation” are open to explore new technologies to enhance company productivity.

Q: How do you stay ahead of your competitors?

A: GTB continues to look for ways to be innovative and save our customers the most amount of money for the quality of services they receive. We dedicate a significant amount of time to research and development, and deploy new phone models and features frequently. Being a small company, we are much more flexible than other providers, which allows us to select new technology and implement changes quickly.

Q: What plans do you have for future growth? How do you plan to impact your industry?

A: GTB will continue to bring Maryland customers the latest technology at the most attractive value. As businesses become more open to innovation, we will add new services and products based on customer needs and market availability.

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