David Bookbinder


David Bookbinder
Director, Valuation Services
GBQ Consulting

When you’re thinking about succession planning, raising capital or issuing stock options, you need to know what your company is worth. At that time, your best bet is to bring in a company specializing in valuations, such as GBQ Consulting. The team at GBQ is credentialed in valuation and performs hundreds each year. Here, David Bookbinder discusses what else sets his company apart from competitors.

Q: GBQ Consulting offers valuation services. In what kinds of situations do clients usually call on you to help out with valuation?

A: Our clients are companies of all sizes, industries and geographies. They are both privately held and publicly traded.

Our clients’ valuation needs are typically driven by a transaction or an event. For example, they might be raising capital; buying or selling a company; issuing stock options; transferring ownership, preparing to go public — just to name a few. Valuations are also needed for employee stock ownership programs (ESOPs) and for matters that pertain to litigation, such as economic damages or business “divorces.”

We also serve trusted advisors like accountants, lenders, attorneys and wealth managers, as well as serving a company’s board of directors.

Q: What value does GBQ bring to clients that your competitors might not?

A: Our differentiator is our people. We’re credentialed in valuation, so we’re experts at our craft. We don’t “dabble” by doing a few valuations every year — we do hundreds. Our work withstands the highest level of review, and we’ve also been the reviewer, so we know what the various stakeholders are looking for when they scrutinize a valuation report.

We also understand what client service really means, and it’s so much more than just being on time and on budget. It’s about proactive communication — no surprises. Our culture fosters a collaborative environment that translates to our client and referral partner relationships. Because we are relationship-focused, we also strive to add value beyond the task at hand. We are true business partners for our clients.

Q: GBQ moved into a Center City location two years ago. How has that location impacted your business?

A: Our move to Center City was the result of the growth that we’ve experienced to date, as well as the expected continued growth of our practice. Being downtown has brought us closer to many of the key accounting firms, banks and law firms who are kind enough to introduce us into their client relationships, and it’s also been a great recruiting tool for attracting talented people.

Q: GBQ has an award-winning corporate culture. What are the key elements of that culture, and how do they come through in the work you do?

A: It’s our culture of collaboration, in conjunction with entrepreneurship that really inspires our people to excel. As a business partner, we are always looking for ways to help our clients grow, and because everyone believes that they make an impact that carries over into the client experience.

Q: What’s the most important advice you have for other executives?

A: Treat your people well and they will treat your customers well. People really are a company’s most valuable asset and they are the key driver of the value of the business.

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