Bob Swensen


Bob Swensen
Total Technology Solutions

Bob Swensen decided early on that strong customer service with an old-fashioned touch would be the differentiator for Total Technology Solutions. Today, this philosophy applies not only to the way the company does business, but also how the internal company culture operates.

Q: What has allowed Total Technology Solutions (TTS) to achieve a 97-percent first-call resolution rate?

A: First, we have the best operations manager, Skip Hellmig, managing the service desk. We have implemented SOPs that provide for a consistently reliable resolution to service requests from clients. When a client calls in, our procedures take over and our excellent techs know exactly what to do, from answering the phone to entering a ticket, resolving the issue quickly, and making sure the client is taken care of and happy. We have experienced staff and provide training and technology reviews to make sure they are up to date on technology and solutions. Our remote management tools are excellent and allow us to connect very quickly to our clients to deal with issues, and our proactive management resolves many issues before they become bigger problems.

Q: When you founded TTS, why did you decide that customer service and general friendliness would be a priority?

A: I had worked at several computer companies in the ’90s and saw that there was very little old-fashioned customer service. Coming from a background where the relationships with people were personal, friendly and helpful, I knew that this had to be the backbone of our business. Almost anyone can fix a computer problem, but the client needs to be assured that there is a person on the other end that cares about their problem and wants to help.

Q: TTS has several employees that have been with the company for almost a decade. How has it been able to achieve such significant retention?

A: Our company culture. It is a culture of family, growth, potential and service. We involve and empower our team members to make decisions, work with clients, learn, grow, succeed and fail. We work as a team to solve problems, create new solutions, and grow the company. It has to be an enjoyable environment, and we do our best to accomplish that.

Q: Why is security such a growing field in IT, and how can TTS help improve security for clients?

A: It is so critical now to protect our clients’ business and their customers. The hackers are getting smarter and better, and businesses are at their mercy. With the businesses, hospitals and government agencies that are always in the news, we need to stay one step ahead of the bad guys. We use cutting-edge technology and security partners to ensure our clients’ systems are protected, and that they have disaster recovery/business continuity backup systems in case of emergencies. We know what works and what doesn’t in the IT protection business, and engage our partners and vendors in the solution process to make sure they have the right pieces of the puzzle. There are so many outdated perceptions of what is needed to protect a business, so we work with clients to create a path to security, and partner with them to get it done. A Microsoft Virtual Security Summit conveyed that a hacker can be in a network for 200 days before they are detected, and then it takes another 80 days to clean everything up. You need to know that you are protected and you need to know who is in your network.

Q: What is coming up in the future for TTS, and how will that benefit your clients?

A: We are focusing even more on security, Big Data, hosting and virtualization, mobile solutions and the Internet of Things. This means that everything is connected, from your toaster to your car, and your phone to your TV. This brings more attention to security and protecting everything!

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