Anthony W. Mongeluzo


Anthony W. Mongeluzo
President and CEO
Pro Computer Service LLC

When Anthony W. Mongeluzo first got involved with IT at age 20, he saw an industry that was lacking a personal touch. To remedy that problem, Mongeluzo created his own company, Pro Computer Service LLC (PCS). Instead of adhering to the confining stereotypes that plague many companies in the IT industry, Mongeluzo and his team have worked to bring a little bit of warmth back into the business.

Q: What is the story behind the founding of PCS?

A: At a very young age, I saw the way that IT companies and IT people viewed technology versus how they connected with the people and the business side. There was a serious disconnect. When I started PCS, I thought my company would be more of a customer service company that just happened to be extremely proficient with technology. The story behind PCS is uncomplicated: I wanted to help business owners utilize their technology effectively so they could have a more profitable business.

Q: How did your early work in IT prepare you for leadership at PCS?

A: The early world of technology was the perfect prep course for a leadership role because of the thorough, hands-on experience I got. Every entrepreneur who starts a business with no employees finds themselves in a unique position: They have to learn and do every job. I can have conversations with folks at different levels because I have walked in their shoes and know the ins and outs of their job function. From janitor to account manager to senior tech to any C-level position, I have done them all and can translate that experience to common ground when talking to customers. I also value each position more today and enjoy seeing other people’s perspectives as they handle situations from a position that I once held. It is fascinating for me to see how someone handles things differently from me.

Q: What do you think is so special about the team at PCS?

A: Our team is truly like a family. Many of us have been together for more than 10 years. In the IT field, that is equivalent to 50 years in some industries. We bring on new team members more for culture than skill. Our culture and the way we treat our clients, our team members and our vendors is one of our highest values. We are a community-based company of folks who care about our clients. It is something that you cannot fake. Our team has been tested so many times for projects that have been considered impossible, and we have always found a way to succeed. We joke inside the office because we all know we have something special internally. We have grown at the speed light during the past 15 years because of our amazing chemistry and culture.

Q: Why do you prefer to classify PCS as a customer services company rather than a technology company?

A: All of us are customers, and we know the difference between good service, bad service and amazing service. Our core business is to fix technology problems and implement solutions. We better be good at that, or we shouldn’t be in the technology business. From day one, I knew that customer service would set us apart from everyone else. We care about our clients a great deal and truly want to establish relationships. It’s part of our DNA.

Q: What is Live Line, and how does it set PCS apart from other companies in the industry?

A: LiveLine is something we created to change our industry. Most companies will tell you that a four-hour response time is the gold standard in the industry. Our team thinks that is terrible service and unacceptable. We created LiveLine as a way for our customers to call our office and receive immediate and live service from their specific team. Our technical service teams are limited to just seven members, so the relationship is intimate, and our clients always work with the same group. That makes the support more timely, the team members more knowledgeable, and creates a unique service experience. Customers get to know the technician who provides the service.

Q: What has enabled PCS to effectively manage its years of fast growth?

A: Our entire team has worked nights, weekends and holidays — whatever it takes to deliver on our promises and to save the day. There has been no silver bullet to our success; it has been working hard, every day. Our customers have helped us become better as well. We constantly ask for feedback and keep very open lines of communication. Our leadership team wants to know the good, the bad and the ugly. It’s a 360-degree process, and we take any and all feedback we receive seriously. It’s not unique to ask for feedback, but it is unusual to discuss that feedback and then to take action.

Q: What role does community support play in the culture at PCS?

A: Our goal as a business is to make a difference in the communities we serve. We have contributed more than $250,000 to our local community organizations, but aside from writing a check, our executive team also donates their efforts and energy by serving on many nonprofit boards and civic organizations. We are also creating a foundation called “PCS Cares” which will handle all of our charitable endeavors.

Q: How is your approach to IT different from other companies?

A: Many competitors in our industry have set offerings and static pricing. We customize everything, which is why our tagline, “IT built to scale,” has been so successful. We look at each situation as a unique opportunity.

Q: How do you work to make IT fun?

A: We work to keep IT fun by having our team engaged with the clients and the community. We keep it personal. We’re active both digitally and face to face. By being active, by meeting people and by being involved, it adds to the level of fun and commitment. We have our own rituals, such as game nights, but it is the everyday fun that keeps everyone excited. Walk into our office and see if there isn’t the hum of a great place to work.

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