Leader as Coach Mastery Program

Learning Channel Program provided by Karash & Associates.

“According to recent research, the single most important managerial competency that separates highly effective managers from average ones is coaching.” – Harvard Business Review

Leader as Coach is a program for CEOs and leaders who want to be more skilled in developing others. The program adds to your ability to shift to a coaching approach in the right circumstances. It’s adding an additional tool to your set of tools for leading and managing.

Telling, directing or deciding things for another is the least effective way to develop that person. Great questions, good listening and a strong relationship cause the other person to think, grow and be better able to take actions.

Telling, directing and deciding things for another produces another drawback: The problem or question becomes yours, not theirs. You’ll get the follow-up, you’ll have to keep watching and adjusting the actions. Leaders complain they are disappointed in their associates not carrying enough of the load. A skillful coaching approach can make a big difference.

Coaching is not just about subordinate associates. Coaching can also be relevant in peer relationships, with customers, with family members and, at times, you can even coach upwards.

The skills of Leader as Coach are key to creating a culture of accountability, engagement, inspiration and respect within your organization. Leader as Coach builds skills in managing conflict, inspiring and engaging, fostering more ownership, more effective performance conversations, seeing the bigger picture, long-term solutions not just the quick fix, and delegation that delivers results.

 Why This Leadership Program Is Different?

All the tools and skills in the world are of limited value until people can approach their work with fresh eyes. In our program, you gain both: fresh eyes to look at your challenges differently and the skills to address them through demos, mini-presentations, hands-on practice clinics and our on-the-spot support. We have 10 years of experience with data that shows we have the “stickiness” factor – 85% of our graduates say they use what they’ve learned on a weekly or daily basis. Participants experience deep immersion working on their real challenges.

Theory: This course is grounded in systems thinking, neuroscience, social and emotional intelligence, coaching principles, organizational learning, adult learning principles and research.

Outcomes: Direct feedback from program participants shows that our Leader as Coach program yields these outcomes:

  • Leaders who create increased accountability, engagement and ownership
  • Leaders who rise above the day-to-day crisis and provide clear direction on purpose and vision
  • Leaders who can navigate emotionally charged conversations with productive results
  • Leaders who confidently and effectively address poor performance and dysfunctional dynamics
  • Leaders who skillfully utilize the networks they’ve created through the program for real-time feedback and support
  • Leaders who keep the monkey off their back while providing delegation that both delivers results and develops the workforce
  • Leaders who create a culture of learning rather than blaming

Key Program Content Elements:

  • The Essence of Coaching
  • Building Trust & Safety
  • The Art of Listening; the Art of Good Questions
  • Who’s Got the “Monkey”?
  • Dilemmas of Difficult Conversations
  • Shifting Your Mindset
  • Overall Framework for a Coaching Interaction
  • After Action Reviews
  • Conveying Leader’s Intent; Effective Delegation
  • Daily Practice Clinics with peers and facilitator feedback

Who should attend?

  • Leaders who want to increase their skills for developing others
  • In any business, any size, any sector
  • They key is that you work with others, and you have a role in their development.
  • Bring your own real cases to be addressed in this confidential setting with our facilitators and people like yourself

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